Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boot


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Product Description

The Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boot has set a completely new standard for high traction fishing boots.  Several improvements were made for the 2014 version of Patagonia’s aluminum bar wading boot.  The alumimum bars are now contoured and recessed to provide even more traction with less platform effect.  Walking in them is completely natural.  The bars are also easier to replace, thanks to recessed, protected allen screws.  Perhaps the greatest improvement is in the fit and comfort of the footbox and heel.  The Foot Tractor has a well-shaped, flexible and padded heel box.  They fit great right out of the box and can be worn for miles without a hint of discomfort.  These all-synthetic boots offer maximum ankle support without the shrink-and-stretch effect of most high-topped leather boots.


  1. I’ve got 15-20 days of fishing in these boots. The traction they provide is second to none. Felt, studs, sticky rubber cannot compare. If you’ve got the balance in a strong current these boots will keep your feet firmly planted on the bottom. I’ve had these on slick lava ledges, huge granite boulders and river cobble. No matter what the surface they cut through slime and find traction. Take care to make sure you plant two of the aluminum bars on a surface and they will no let go. They’re comfortable to hike in and light enough to spend 12 hours in. After a few weeks of fishing the bars are showing signs of wear but the rubber and uppers look like new. Some bars seem to be wearing faster than others so I’ll probably be replacing one or two bars at a time and not the whole set. If you fish slick rivers don’t hesitate to pick up a pari of these boots.

    Adam M.
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