Rio Premier Creek Fly Line


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Product Description

The Rio Creek line is cleverly designed to load at short distances and turn over your fly accurately without much line out of the tip top.  The overall head length is 30′, but weight is distributed to the front half of the taper, so the line “pulls itself” out of the rod tip and delivers the fly effortlessly.  A supple coldwater core prevents tangles and Rio’s MaxFloat Tip floats all day.  The Creek line will optimize the performance of a Sage Dart and other short graphite rods.


InTouch Creek Profile


  1. I really like this line because it was designed for a specific purpose: pairing with short graphite fly rods, specifically the Dart Series. When casting, the Creek line feels one whole line weight heavy. Weight is balanced forward in the head, so it turns itself over with no effort from the caster, seeming to pull the fly to its target and straighten the leader automatically. Sage Darts feel too stiff unless they are paired with a Creek line. With this line, however, they become among the easiest casting of all fly rods. The casting stroke consists of merely rocking the fly rod back and forth. The line loads the rod on the first stroke, making short casts so easy it’s crazy. Beyond 40 feet, the line is more or less useless. As its name implies, the Creek line is for creek fishing, especially with a Sage Dart.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Rio Creek was paired up with a St Croix Imperial 4 piece, and a Redington Zero 2/3 reel. Leader length is 7.5 feet. The line turns over nicely as advertised with little effort. On small streams with short runs, most fly anglers will be happy. The cons to this line is the running section. In this day & age any line or part of line that coils is a no-no and the running section coils badly. A real shame, I like to pull some of the running line off the reel letting the fly drift down longer runs. That way wary fish don’t see me, the angler. Very hard to set a hook with a slinky in the water.

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