Rio Premier Gold Fly Line


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Product Description

This is the Rio line we’ve been waiting for, a high floating trout line that casts well with a variety of rod actions. The Rio Gold forms the most beautiful casting loops we’ve ever seen and is a particularly good match for medium-fast action rods such as the Sage ZXL. A long rear taper provides superb loop control at distance and the new Extreme Slickness technology helps it shoot like an arrow. This is our favorite general-purpose Rio trout line.  Several notable improvements for 2013 include a MaxFloat Tip for better tip float, MaxCast coating throughout the line for better shooting and durability and two new color options.  Orange is for those that want to best line visibility and the new Lumalux color can be charged with a light source so that it glows in the dark for night fishingThe Tournament version of the Rio Gold has an extra-long head for distance casting.

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  1. This is my go-to all around trout line for 4-7 weight rods. It pairs up amazingly with moderate to moderate fast action rods. For faster rods it works wonderfully for better casters that like a quicker casting stroke and a tighter loop. The 904 and 905 Scott Radian work great with this line as well as the Scott A4 series.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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