Rio Summer Redfish Fly Line


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Product Description

The Rio Summer Redfish line has an ideal taper for presenting flies to finicky reds or bonefish. The AgentX coating and Extreme Slickness Technology combine for slick shooting line that won’t wilt in the heat. Agent X coating also keeps the tip floating higher than other bonefish lines.  The head loads quickly for fast, accurate casts, particularly at close range.  Also a great choice for beginning saltwater anglers!  color: Aqua Blue/Sand



  1. I think the Rio Redfish taper line is outstanding. I have it on my 7,8,and 9 weights. The line casts really well in close and turns over a long leader at distance. The head is fairly short at just under 40′ but it isn’t designed like a typical shooting head where the mass of the line increases from the rear to the front. The Redfish line weighted more heavily toward the rear of the head and the taper steps down towards the front. So what you get is a shooting head that shoots line as you’d expect with a softer front taper that turns over long leaders and lays them down softly. I’ve also used this line to fish for carp and bass. It lays down softly and loads close for the carp. For the bass it has enough mass to push a deer hair popper and it always turns the thing over. The line doesn’t go soft in serious heat either. Awesome line, easy casting, easy shooting, and really nice in close and at distance. Pairs exceptionally with the Sage One, Scott S4S, and the Scott A4

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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