Scott Sector 81012-2 (8′ 10″ 12-wt, 2-pc)


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Product Description

Scott Sector 81012-2 Saltwater Fly Rod

8’10”, 12-weight, 2-pc rod  – comes with branded aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner



  1. For maximum lifting power with minimum rod weight, choose the 2-piece Sector 12-weight. This is your boat rod for the West Coast of Florida, where the largest tarpon are encountered on a daily basis.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The 81012-2 is very similar to the other two piece rods in the Sector lineup. It is very light for a 12 and is about as powerful as any large tarpon rod on the market. It is remarkably easy to cast and will make the caster feel like a champ. I was pleasantly surprised how well it casts in close, but it really shines with 30+ feet of line out. I paired it with the Rio DirectCore Tarpon line and it was great.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. The Sector 81012/2 is one of the easiest casting and most controllable 12-weights out there. Loop control and cast-ability with a Rio DirectCore Tarpon WF12F were second to none. You feel like you’re carrying line in the air with the ease of an 8-weight. This 12-weight tames the unruly grain weights of 450 and up and makes these heavy lines much more workable. If you’re looking for a legitimate sailfish rod that can double as a big tarpon rod, pay attention to this stick.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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