Scott Sector 908-4


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Product Description

Scott Sector 908-4 Saltwater Fly Rod

9’0″, 8-weight, 4-pc rod  – comes with branded aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

The Scott Sector 908-4 is perhaps the finest saltwater 8-weight ever designed.


  1. This rod is simply stunning, mind blowing. Rangier than the Meridian 908-4, it casts better at every distance while possessing superior ability to pick up a long line to redirect a 2nd or 3rd shot. Line speed, accuracy, efficiency and feel are all improved with the Sector. I have never cast a fly rod of any kind that throws so effortlessly at short and medium distances but possesses this much power and control at 70’-100’. Beyond question, this is the best 8-weight flats rod I have ever cast. What’s crazy is that it seems to cast equally well with almost any casting style. With a Rio Direct Core Bonefish line, I couldn’t make it malfunction. Like a lot of Scott rods, it loads deeply and smoothly with a long stroke and late wrist engagement. When I tried to throw a tailing loop by “stab casting” with the whole line head aerialized (a move that will fold almost any rod), the mid section of the rod kicked back and sent me well into the backing without any risk of tailing. I’ve never cast anything like it (except the 9-weight…).

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. I was a little hesitant to cast this rod as the 908 Meridian (which I own) was my absolute favorite 8wt. Immediately after casting this rod I was filled with pure joy. They have improved this rod in nearly every way imaginable. The rod is unbelievable responsive and light in hand. I found it to be very accurate at all distances. It’s amazing how easy it is to manipulate your loop shape with line in the air. All in all, this is the finest 9′ 8wt rod that I have ever cast, period.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. The Scott Meridian 908/4 was our most well received and best selling 8-weights we’ve ever had in the fly shop. When we heard there was going to be a replacement, we approached the idea with trepidation. Why replace something that is so good, we asked. The answer became apparent once I began playing with prototypes that would become the Sector 908/4. The Meridian was a great casting rod but lacked some of the power down low on the blank for picking up sinking lines and long lengths of floating line on the water. The challenge was to make a great rod with a floating line and a bonefish fly be a great rod with a sinking line and baitfish pattern. Behold the Sector 908/4. This rod is every bit as good with a floating line and a bonefish fly as the Meridian, but it has so much more power to pick up fly line. Somehow, the Sector 908/4 feels lighter in the hand and through the cast than its predecessor. You can turn up the tempo and step on this rod or you can slow down and place the line with the light touch of a hand petting a sleeping puppy. The Sector 908/4 is an 8-weight for the ages and a new classic without question. Unbelievably improved in every way over the Meridian, the rod feels and casts lighter while being more powerful without feeling more substantial. A commanding and airy light casting rod all in one, this is the new standard 9-foot 8-weight for saltwater.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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