Scott Wave 907-4


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Product Description

Scott Wave 907-4 fly rod

9’0″ 7-weight, 4-piece fly rod
Comes in a cordura-covered PVC case with separate cloth liner




  1. This model is one of my favorites, but unique in character from others in the Wave series. It offers great versatility for the angler who can adjust the casting stroke. The 907-4 lacks the airy lightness of the 906-4 and 909-4, but possesses superior bottom end strength, highly suitable for bass, pike, salmon and heavy trout streamers in addition to its intended saltwater uses. It prefers a longer casting stroke rather than the staccato, tippy rhythm required by many saltwater fly rods. This is a rod that will handle a wide range of fly lines, including all standard bonefish/redfish lines as well as the SA Titan, Rio Predator, long sink tips for Galloup-style fishing and specialty tapers for bass and pike.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The 907/4 Wave is a very smooth 7wt bonefish rod that doesn’t sacrifice anything on the flats. It is remarkably light in hand for a mid-priced saltwater rod and throws tremendous loops. You can control the rod equally well close as you can at distance. It isn’t quite as intuitive as the 6wt and 9wt in the Wave series, but with a bit of practice it’s easy to get the hang of. Similarly to the 906/4, the 907/4 isn’t the most powerful rod in the bunch, but it has superior feel and control. I was amazed at the stability of this rod. With a significant amount of line out it is almost effortless to pick up the line and shoot it back out. This is imperative when fishing for bonefish. My favorite line on this rod is the Rio Elite Bonefish WF7F, which throws a tight loop and lands very soft on the water.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. The Wave 907/4 has more punch than the 906 and a slightly quicker feel than the 908. You can generate a lot of line speed with this rod and of the three lightest models in the series, I thought the 907/4 possessed the most classic saltwater feel to the taper. A Rio Elite Bonefish WF7F was everything you’d want it to be: quick to the target, controlled and exact. Like all the Wave rods, the 907/4 is supremely stable. That stability, along with a faster profile give the 907/4 a more refined feel than comparable saltwater class 7-weights at this price point.
    I really like the Wave 907/4 as a bonefish rod. The command with a bonefish taper, ease of casting tight stable loops off the tip and the extra line speed of this model make it perfect for placing Gotchas in the path of a silvery target on a shin-deep flat. The Rio Premiere Redfish line loads the rod a bit more and tunes the rod for shorter distances with larger flies. You get more pure speed and distance with the bonefish line and a #6 or #8 lightly dressed bonefish fly, but with a #6 to #2 redfish fly with more bulk the Redfish line is dialed in. I like the Wave 907/4 more as a pure saltwater 7 weight than as a crossover freshwater rod. It feels a little powerful to me for trout but would certainly handle an intermediate tip and large trout streamer. Bass buggin’ is certainly on the bill for the Wave 907/4. I would opt for a longer bellied big bug line like the SA Titan Long WF7F over the shorter headed lines. The short-bellied lines will cast like a demon, but you have enough stability in this 7-weight to be able to really paint a casting portrait with the line in the air and a longer bellied line.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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