Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Wader 2024


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Product Description

Even the best products can be improved.  We find the 2024 enhancements to our best selling wader, the Simms G4Z, to be practical and meaningful, based in the experience of tens of thousands of anglers worldwide who have worn previous editions of this trusted product.  Three primary improvements jump out:  1)  YKK waterproof zipper is now welded/bonded rather than stitched into the upper body of the wader.  The result is less stiffness, reduced weight, greater comfort and better fit.  These advantages are obvious when comparing the 2024 version with any previous G4Z wader.  As an additional benefit, Simms can replace a bonded zipper, whereas it was not possible to replace the stitched zipper.   2)  We like the new “set it and forget it” cam lock shoulder strap system.  It’s simply easier to adjust than the old buckle system and a practical choice for zippered waders because most anglers find it unnecessary to undo their buckles for entry.  Just slip them on or off of your shoulders.  Zippered waders are really easy to put on, an under-appreciated advantage.  The stretch-woven fabric harness is now finished with both a net loop and hanger loop, nice touches.  3)  The addition of two waterproof welded Tru Zip pockets on the inside of the upper wader is a modern, practical feature for the angler whose phone is also his camera.  These are more user-friendly than previous Ziplock-style pockets.

~ Simms’ most durable 4-layer GORE-TEX Pro lower and 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro upper

~ Patented compression-molded stockingfeet for enhanced comfort and improved boot fit/lace bite

~ Extended YKK waterproof zipper for quick relief and easy on/off

~ Dual zippered stretch woven chest pockets for quick access to fishing necessities

~ Zippered, high-pile fleece lined handwarmer pockets for storage and warmth

~ Dual interior waterproof zippered pockets for total submersible protection

~ Low profile, adjustable spacer mesh suspender package

~ Patented front & back leg seams for enhanced mobility and increased durability

~ Patented 2mm abrasion-resistant built-in gravel guards



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