Winston Air 2 Max 9′ 9-weight


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Product Description

Winston Air 2 Max 9′ 9-weight, 4-piece rod

comes with aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner


  1. Almost no rod feels its best with a Rio Permit line, but this rod handles the awkward head with ease, generating higher line speed and tighter loops than we’re accustomed to seeing with this line. Casting skill helps, but the rod’s inherent springiness really works with this fly line, like a slingshot that pulls way back before firing. With a Rio Elite Bonefish line, the rod needs power to cast short, but holds up a long, tight loop for a mega long cast as well as any fly rod I have ever thrown. It is outstanding with this line for the angler who wants their 9-weight to behave like a 9+. I also recommend it with the new SA Bonefish Plus WF9, a line that loads and casts very smoothly on this rod and has a little extra head weight for presenting permit flies.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The 9’ 9wt AIR 2 Max is a great “do it all” 9wt rod. Some 9wt rods are either strictly a permit 9, a bonefish 9, or a redfish 9; this rod will be happy fishing for all of the above. It’s not the stiffest 9wt out there but not the softest, either; it fits nicely in the middle of the pack in terms of stiffness and weight. It really shines in close but still has the stability for longer shots. Like many of the other rods in the AIR 2 MAX lineup, the 9wt shoots line very well and is a very smooth caster. Consistent with virtually all Winston rods, this rod is presentation oriented and has superior feel for a saltwater 9. I’ve played around with a few different lines on this rod and have found that it doesn’t like a very heavy line. The Rio Elite Permit WF9F is a tad too heavy on here. The Rio Elite Bonefish is a good option but is a shade light in my opinion. For a good all-around line the SA Amplitude Smooth Bonefish Plus WF9F is probably my favorite option. The longer, slightly heavier head pairs wonderfully with this rod.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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