This California-based reel manufacturer has earned a huge following, particularly out here in the West. Their drag systems may be the smoothest in the industry, and you can tell at first glance that Galvan reels might outlast their owners.  As time goes on, anglers are increasingly impressed with the Torque Series, heart of the Galvan reel lineup.  When introduced in 2003, many Telluride Angler staff purchased Torque reels for use on our own rods.  They were a joy to use and appeared built to last.  We’re all still using those reels.  The Galvan Torque has proven to be one of the truly timeless articles of equipment in our sport and, to this day, there is no fly reel that speaks to us more as anglers.  The Torque is a proven winner in every category of evaluation.  Every angler should own one, whether for trout, steelhead, saltwater or your back yard carp pond.