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Product Description

G.Loomis NRX+ 690-4 fly rod

9’0″ 6-wt, 4-pc rod  with case and liner

~ Single foot recoil guides
~ Titanium SiC stripper guides
~ Micro full Wells grip, AAA cork quality
~ Custom aluminum reel seat with walnut insert (490-4, 590-4, 595-4)
~ Custom all-aluminum reel seat with fighting butt (4100-4, 5100-4, 690-4, 6100-4)
~ Aluminum rod case with partitioned cloth liner
~ Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington



  1. When I first picked up this rod, it felt more substantial than others in the series. I thought, “streamer 6-weight.” Indeed, this is a magnificent streamer 6-weight, perhaps the best that Loomis offers. Like the 490-4 and 590-4, the 690-4 cast both short and long with equal loop control and line speed. You’ll cast it well on the first try, because the flex profile is nice and even with terrific feel delivered to the palm of your hand. It’s fast, but not tricky; powerful, but not clubby. This rod is so much more stable than its predecessor that it gives the illusion of being a stiffer, faster action rod. In my opinion, the rod is not substantially different in fundamental action, just much more efficient. It is fantastic with a Rio InTouch Gold, but should also handle the wide variety of specialized streamer tapers that are popular with today’s anglers.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is very possibly the best 6wt rod G Loomis has ever made. I was very pleased to see a fighting butt and full wells cork on there. I was most impressed by how it casts in close for a fast action rod. Though this is not designed as a dry fly rod, it will throw big hoppers like a dream. It is remarkably stable and wonderfully smooth. The rod has a lot of power but doesn’t have the dull feeling that a lot of fast 6wt rods have. This would make for a great rod for bigger rivers like the Gunnison. It will fish dries, nymphs and streamers very well.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. The 690 is one of the best NRX+ models and is probably the best value in a high end 9-foot 6-weight right now. I really enjoyed this rod and everything about it seems appropriately tuned to the 6-weight line. It is a spirited and snappy rod that generates excellent line speed with a noticeable load and rebound that is smooth and authoritative. Throw hoppers or spend the day ripping sinking lines out of the water, this rod will eat it all up. I like the smaller full wells grip and the little fighting butt that finishes the rod. This is a sharp looking rod. For floating lines, I like the Elite Gold for an all-around line. The Infinity is very good too, but I can notice a touch of extra weight in the tip of the rod through the cast with this line. For pure casting splendor, stay with the Gold; if you want to kick the rod’s delivery up or tend to throw streamers mixed in with your hoppers the Infinity is a great choice.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  4. I really enjoyed this rod with a Rio Elite Gold. The SA Amplitude Infinity taper played nicely on this rod; however, I feel that the Gold plays just as well without the rod feeling overloaded. This is a rod with power, and a nice, deep flex that generates phenomenal line speed while allowing you to tune your loop shape with precision. I would like to spend the day throwing large hoppers with this rod to large fish, rain, snow, wind or shine!

    Jim Harris (Telluride Angler)
  5. There are a lot of great 9-foot 6wt rods out there today and the NRX+ 690/4 is right near the top of the list. It is a very smooth caster with lots of power and great feel. Similar to the NRX+ 490 and 590, the #6 is a great all around fishing tool. A lot of people will cast the rod and automatically write it off as a strict streamer rod, but if you throw it more you really start to see what it can do. It will throw a tight loop well into the backing and will tackle the windiest of conditions. I’ve cast a bunch of different lines on this rod and the Rio Elite Gold is my favorite all arounder. If you want this to be your streamer rod the Rio InTouch Big Nasty and SA Titan lines will work great.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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