G.Loomis offers a formidable lineup of rods designed by the greatest fly caster who ever lived, Steve Rajeff.  Loomis is famous for pushing technology forward and for fly rods that outcast all others.  The NRX Series, introduced in 2010, set a new benchmark for high line speed and power casting versatility.  In 2016, the NRX was surpassed by the Asquith Series, a collection of fresh and saltwater fly rods that might outperform all other rods on the planet.  If price were not an issue, every angler would own some Asquiths.

Decoding G.Loomis:  Loomis names and prices each group of fly rods according to its technology package.  Within that package, several different rod categories are offered, each with distinct action and purpose.  For example, NRX fly rods are made from a common set of high modulus materials and a proprietary resin.  Within the NRX Series, Loomis offers fast action trout rods, medium action trout rods, saltwater rods, single handed salmon/steelhead rods and also a complete lineup of Spey rods.

All G.Loomis fly rods are made tip-to-butt in Washington State, USA.