NRX+ LP 690-4


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Product Description

G.Loomis NRX+ LP 690-4 fly rod with partitioned rod sock and high quality case

9’0″ 6-wt, 4-pc rod

~ Single foot recoil guides
~ Titanium SiC stripper guides
~ Cigar grip with AAA quality cork (line weights 3 & 4)
~ Half Wells grip, AAA quality cork (line weights 5 & 6)
~ Custom aluminum reel seat with amboyna hardwood insert
~ Aluminum rod case with partitioned cloth liner
~ Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington




  1. This is a lovely caster and fine representative of the NRX+ LP series.  If you own and NRX LP 590-4 and wonder if the 6-weight is a chip off the same block, the answer is yes.  In my hands, the NRX+ 690-4 LP is primarily a dry fly 6-weight.  It throws long, elegant loops with tremendous feel and control.  Accuracy and loop control rival any trout rod, but line speed is limited and butt section power doesn’t compare with the regular NRX+ 690-4 model.  So, if you want a 6-weight dry fly rod, this rod is wonderful.  I generally request more versatility from my 6-weights, but this is a well designed and executed fly rod.  Fish it with an SA Trout Taper for best casting control.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The 690 LP is a silky smooth 6wt dry fly rod with surprising power. We are in an age where medium action 6wt rods are really making a surge. This rod is sure to be near the top of the list of dry fly 6wt rods. It favors a slightly slower, longer casting stroke and is unbelievably smooth. It won’t be able to handle the wind as well as the NRX+, but with the right fly line it will do just fine. I cast this with the SA Amplitude Trout line and was very pleased. A line like the Rio InTouch Gold or Rio InTouch Technical Trout will help during windier days.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. The NRX+ LP 690 was my favorite rod of the new NRX+ LP lineup. I really like moderate action 9 foot 6-weights for my personal trout fishing in Southwest Colorado. I like the way they throw a bigger dry fly, fish all around out of the boat and handle a bulky hopper dropper rig. I tend to grab this style of rod when I want a little more push than a 5-weight provides but I still might fish lighter tippet down to 5X. The NRX+ 690 presents a strong argument as the new standard for this style of fly rod. This rod has a perfect trouty medium action that is so smooth and buttery while still having the power you expect from a 6-weight in reserve. The NRX+ LP 690 rolls out line so casually and confidently it gives you a feeling of relaxation. Feeling this rod load and cast is something special and it gave me the warm fuzzy feeling I get with rods I’ve fished for a decade or more. I felt right at home with this rod in my hands and welcomed the wonderful feeling of power transmission and stability through the cast. This is a great rod and a western 6-weight that will be talked about around riverside campfires for years to come.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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