Sage 376-4 Sonic


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Product Description

Sage 376-4 Sonic fly rod

7’6″ 3-weight, 4-piece rod      Lifetime Warranty

~ Konnetic Technology
~ Juniper blank color
~ Charcoal primary thread wraps with gunmetal trim wraps
~ Fuji ceramic stripper guides
~ Hard chrome snake guides and tip top
~ 3-wt to 6-wt:  Super Plus quality snub nosed half Wells grip, hardwood insert with anodized aluminum uplocking reel seat
~ 6-wt to 8-wt:  Super Plus quality full Wells grip, EVA fighting butt, anodized corrosion-resistant reel seat with integrated hidden hook keeper
~ Black rod bag with titanium colored logo and green model tag
~ Matte black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage logo medalion


  1. This rod makes an undeniable first impression of lightness and appropriate scale, possessing none of the clubbiness of most light line rod models offered in a mid-priced series, such as the Sage Pulse or Scott Flex. The little Wells grip is just perfect for a rod of this length. Most of all, Sage nailed the action. Like most others in the series, I would call it “medium fast,” about a 7 out of 10 in stiffness. More nimble than the Sage X or Scott Radian, the Sonic 376-4 is among the sweetest short graphite rods on the market. I cast it with a Rio Technical Trout WF3F and wouldn’t change a thing. It casts short, medium and medium-long distances with the same relaxed casting stroke. Short graphite 3-weights are a tremendous challenge for the rod designer because most of these rods come out feeling “tight.” Hats off to Peter and the crew at Sage. Everyone will love this cool little rod.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This little 3 weight surprised me. I tend to shy away from shorter graphite 3 weights but this one is very good. The Sonic 376-4 bends nice and easy in close without feeling clubby and throws smooth level loops with a scant amount of fly line. The short rod also has some range and it won’t shy away from hitting the head of a plunge pool while you’re crouched down in the tailout. I wish they made 7’6” 3 weights at this price that were this good when I lived in the Appalachian Mountains. A great rod that is right at home on the creek, fish it with a Rio Technical Trout WF3F or similar taper. I think the creek line would be a little much on this for my tastes, but a Gold would be just fine.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. Since this is my first rod review of the new Sonic lineup, let me start by saying leave your assumptions at the door regarding Sage rods. I assumed that the 7’6” 3 wt Sonic would be my least favorite of the bunch, and boy was I wrong. It turned out to be one of my favorites! Though these rods are considered fast action, I’d say they fall into the medium fast category. This specific rod actually leaned more toward the medium end of the spectrum in my opinion. It has a springy feel in hand and truly light like a feather. I paired it with the Rio Technical Trout WF3F and it was a match made in heaven. It literally felt perfect on this rod. The 376 loaded really well in close with excellent accuracy. Amazingly, it could shoot line like a champ as well. It could handle longer shots as if it were a heavier wt rod. Its buttery smooth flex profile not only makes it a joy to cast, but a deadly accurate tool at a wide range of distances. I didn’t want to put it down. I am now seriously reconsidering my next 3 wt rod purchase.

    Jason Moshonas (Telluride Angler)
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