Sage 390-4 R8 Core


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Product Description

Sage 390-4 R8 Core Fly Rod

9′ 3-wt, 4-piece rod, case and liner
Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

  • Revolution 8 Technology
  • Silver Pine blank color
  • Slate primary wrap colors with graduated white and grey trim
  • Fuji ceramic stripping guides with hard chrome snake guides and tip top
  • Black rod bag with new cord lock for quicker, easier, cleaner storage
  • Aluminum rod tube with Sage logo medallion
  • 3-6 wt:  sustainable Ziricote wood insert with anodized uplocking aluminum real seat
  • 3-6 wt:  premium flor grade snub-nosed half-Wells grip
  • 5-9 wt:  corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum reel seat
  • 5-9 wt (all models with a fighting butt):  premium Flor grade full Wells grip with EVA fighting butt


  1. This is a vintage model in the Sage idiom of tippy and deliberate casting 9’ 3-weights. Sage has offered this model is every fast-action series dating from the RPL. Never have they disappointed. Version 2022 forms casting loops with a bit more elegance and nuance than the X or ONE, but like previous generations, this model fundamentally throws tight loops off the tip as a mode of operation. Skeptical of a Wells grip on a 3-weight, I must say that it feels terrific on a rod that’s long enough to leverage the grip a bit in hand. Looks great, feels great, casts great. Every angler should put a 9’ 3-weight Sage in their quiver because no other rod maker of my acquaintance builds a model even remotely similar. The R8 9’ 3-weight is springy and active with a Rio Gold and throws long, dead level loops with a Rio Technical Trout or SA Trout Taper. The Airflo Superflo Universal Taper brings the best out of its presentation qualities as well. Fish this rod with long dry fly leaders or as a late summer pocket water stick on rivers like our own San Miguel. It puts fun in fishing.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The first thing I noticed when picking up this rod was how remarkably light it is in hand. It is a joy to cast and fish at all distances and forms a nice tight loop almost immediately. This is hands down the sweetest caster in the whole R8 family and mends wonderfully. The idea of a true well-rounded 3wt rod has never really been a thing. Most 3wt rods are designed as designated dry fly rods or designated small water rods. The 390/4 R8 Core brings new meaning to what a 3wt rod can be capable of. It will throw a long leader with a small single dry exceptionally but will also handle a lighter technical nymph set-up with ease. This is a rod that could turn the dedicated 4wt angler into a believer in what 3wt rods are capable of. I’ve cast several 3wt lines on this rod and my favorite hands down is the Rio Elite Gold WF3F.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. This is an exceptional fly rod; a graceful caster with electrifying feel, I was taken aback from the moment I shook line out of the tip. The Sage R8 Core 390-4 perfectly expresses your thoughts into casting action. Your thoughts become loops and the loops unroll without interruption or aberration, train track parallel and perfect. The rod throws immaculate loops. Crisp yet supple with a rhythm that felt as comfortable as a fond memory. I felt like I could mimic the lithe nature of a two weight, or the fervor of a five weight from one cast to the next. With a Rio Elite Gold WF3F the rod was flawless and so exactly paired. I cast a few other lines as well, all of them good, but none as exceptional as the Gold. I adore long light dry fly rods and the Sage R8 Core 390 is among the best I’ve ever held in any line weight or length. A 9-foot 3-weight may not be for every fly fisherman, but everyone that fly fishes ought to cast this rod. If not for the interest in acquiring a new favorite rod, then for the chance to experience a moment of grace and perfection through a fly rod.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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