Sage 5100-4 FB R8 Core


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Product Description

Sage 5100-4 FB  R8 Core Fly Rod

10’0″ 5-wt, 4-piece rod with fighting butt and anodized aluminum reel seat
Comes with a case and liner
Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

  • Revolution 8 Technology
  • Silver Pine blank color
  • Slate primary wrap colors with graduated white and grey trim
  • Fuji ceramic stripping guides with hard chrome snake guides and tip top
  • Black rod bag with new cord lock for quicker, easier, cleaner storage
  • Aluminum rod tube with Sage logo medallion
  • 3-6 wt:  sustainable Ziricote wood insert with anodized uplocking aluminum real seat
  • 3-6 wt:  premium flor grade snub-nosed half-Wells grip
  • 5-9 wt:  corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum reel seat
  • 5-9 wt (all models with a fighting butt):  premium Flor grade full Wells grip with EVA fighting butt


  1. The R8 Core 5100-4FB is an exceptional fly rod and standout among the R8 Core rods. Ten foot 5 weights have been getting better and better recently and there are some very good ones out there right now, but there is just something about the R8 5100 that grabbed me. Loops were perfect right out of the hand and line speed was sizzling with a Rio Elite Gold. That line really personified the line speed potential of this rod and made it feel lively and zippy through the guides. I had a feeling of command across all distances, and you could pick up a long line off the water confidently. The SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity slows the tempo of the rod down just a hair and exemplifies this rod’s intuition. The R8 Core 5100 really is a tremendous over head casting rod and throws an absolute power wedge. The line rolls off the tip with conviction and loops so long and level they appear frozen in time. The power is smooth and rather than making you feel like you need to hurry up to stay with the rod, the feedback you receive is comforting and familiar. Like a child reaching out to grab his mother’s waiting hand. You cast it firm or sit back on it a little and the rod doesn’t seem to mind, it just stays right with you. I found that this rod casts lighter overhead than other rods in this class. I really like how the taper seems to hide the extra length or this rod and provided for a crisp delivery. The rods intuition does not stop when the line hits the water, and the same magnificent mending characteristics of the 4100 are evident in the R8 5100-4FB. Just lift the rod and place the line where you would like with the ease of dropping an ice cube into a high ball. Roll casts feel good and look good with this rod. They don’t flop over, they turn over. Overall, this is a truly impressive fly rod and the best ten foot 5 weight I have ever cast. I do not own a 10 foot single hand rod, but I may have to now. I would personally use this rod for all manners of Stillwater fishing, and as a nymph rod for pre runoff, there may be no equal. I would confidently take the R8 5100-4FB to the Gunnison or the Colorado as a “one rod to do it all” while wading. I was very impressed by this rod and I look forward to getting to know it more.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is an exceptional fishing tool. 10’ rods across the board are growing exponentially in popularity. The 5100/4 R8 is sure to be situated right near the top of the list of premier 10’ 5wt rods. It is one of the smoothest casting rods in the whole R8 family. On the water the 5100/4 will roll cast exceptionally well and can mend across a big river with ease. It is a very nice overhead caster and feels pretty light for a 10 footer. The fighting butt is a great addition to this rod. I like several fly lines on the 5100/4, but the Rio Elite Gold is my favorite casting line. It forms a nice tight loop for a 10’ rod and is very easy on the caster. The SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity is another great option if you prefer your rod to be a tad slower. The Infinity slows the rod down just a touch and gives a very soulful feeling to the rod.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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