Sage 690-4 Igniter


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Product Description

Sage 690-4 Igniter fly rod with case and liner

9’0″ 6-wt, 4-piece, 3.o oz.

The Sage Igniter 690-4 is a fantastic streamer and heavy nymph rod for broad water and windy conditions.


  1. Like the X 6-weights, the IGNITER 6-weights are two different rods separated by more than just a fighting butt. While the Igniter 691-4 felt like a power-oriented 6-weight tuned for streamer fishing or light saltwater work, the IGNITER 690-4 is a trout tool. The action is similar, but tuned down a quarter measure from the 691-4. The IGNITER 690-4 likes the Gold WF6F more than the 691-4 and behaved quite nicely inside of 30 feet with that line. I felt like this rod was noticeably improved over the Method at this distance as well. Do you have a trip planned to Argentina? Check out this rod. Out of all the IGNITER models, the 690-4 is the rod that an intermediate caster could benefit from in a windy environment. This angler should fish a Rio Perception WF6F and be ready to have new doors opened up for them. The lower end stability in the Igniter 690-4 actually slows the tempo of this rod down slightly and allows it to be more approachable on a trout river than the 691-4. The friendliest IGNITER in the series in my opinion.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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