Sage 691-4 Sonic


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Product Description

Sage 691-4 Sonic fly rod

9’0″ 6-weight, 4-piece rod with Wells grip and fighting butt     Lifetime Warranty

~ Konnetic Technology
~ Juniper blank color
~ Charcoal primary thread wraps with gunmetal trim wraps
~ Fuji ceramic stripper guides
~ Hard chrome snake guides and tip top
~ 3-wt to 6-wt:  Super Plus quality snub nosed half Wells grip, hardwood insert with anodized aluminum uplocking reel seat
~ 6-wt to 8-wt:  Super Plus quality full Wells grip, EVA fighting butt, anodized corrosion-resistant reel seat with integrated hidden hook keeper
~ Black rod bag with titanium colored logo and green model tag
~ Matte black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage logo medalion


  1. Like all rods in the series, the 691-4 Sonic gives the impression of physical lightness. It flexes relatively deeply but recovers neatly. Many modern fast action 6-weights cast specifically off the tip (think Sage Igniter 690 and Loomis NRX+ 690), but the Sonic 691-4 uses the whole rod. I can feel the tip following through, which adds a bit of weight to the swing but finishes each cast with authority. This is a useful quality for a streamer or heavy nymph 6-weight, but requires a somewhat longer, more patient casting stroke. I would fish this rod with conventional lines, like the Rio Gold, rather than aggressive tapers such as the SA Titan or Rio InTouch Big Nasty. It’s a great rod for streamers or nymphs from a boat, but for deep wading in large rivers like the Gunnison, the 697-4 will offer the advantage of reach.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The Sonic 691-4 generates the highest line speed out of the Sonic rods that I cast. It is a confidence inspiring 6 weight with an action in the upper middle of the fast category. The 691 can take a more aggressive haul and more abrupt casting stroke as well. There’s no bounce with this rod and a distinct feeling transmitted to the caster when the rod unloads. I liked casting this rod and I liked how level and parallel the loops were. The Rio Gold is great and would be a mean hopper dropper or big terrestrial rod. Put a Perception on here for some medium sized streamer work and a little more punch for fishing larger nymph rigs. This is a very well put together mid priced 9 foot 6 weight.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. Starting with the reel seat and fighting butt, I found this rod to be rather burly. The butt is on the larger side and it has a double up locking reel seat. This is fine, but it made me think more of salt water vs fresh. The 691 feels faster than the rest in the Sonic lineup. From a casting standpoint, it took some time to find the rod’s sweet spot. It just didn’t want to load in close. You had to work out about 25 feet of line to get it to load properly. Out past that distance, it really became a high powered cannon. Maybe it has a place as a streamer rod, but the rod’s lack of range made it a bit of a non starter for me. I cast it with a Rio Gold WF6F line.

    Jason Moshonas (Telluride Angler)
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