Scott Sector 848-4


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Product Description

Scott Sector 848-4 Saltwater Fly Rod

8’4″, 8-weight, 4-pc rod  – comes with branded aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

Sensational for bonefish, redfish and striped bass, the Sector 848-4 swings like a 5-weight but has excellent leverage for landing fish from a boat.  We truly love this fly rod.


  1. This rod has much more range than the comparable Meridian. It casts with enormous line speed and knifes through wind like it’s not even a factor. From 20 feet to over 80 feet, the S 848-4 just explodes out of your hand. On pure casting merits, the Rio Direct Core Bonefish line is the best match. The rod will handle shorter, heavier heads with ease, however, whether you’re fishing for largemouth bass or for striped bass with a shooting head. Fish fighting leverage is outstanding and casting accuracy unmatched with this spectacular 8-weight. The S 908-4 possesses greater distance casting capability, but the S 848-4 wins for overall lightness and swing weight. Either rod will probably be the best 8-weight you’ll ever own.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is quite possibly my favorite rod in the whole Sector lineup. It is easily the lightest 8wt rod that I have cast. It is a springy rod, but you don’t feel a significant “hitch” like you feel in some other shorter 8wt rods. My favorite floating line on this rod would have to be the Rio DirectCore Bonefish. I was most surprised by how well this rod picks up line. A lot of times, when you shorten up a rod it loses its ability to lift a lot of line off the water, the 848 Sector does not have that issue in the least bit. This is a great rod for species ranging from striped bass to pike and almost everything in between. Once again Scott has produced a truly legendary 8wt.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. The Sector 8-foot 4-inch rods are simply breathtaking. The Sector 848/4 is the most universal and deserves serious consideration from flats and boat anglers using an 8-weight rod. Freakishly light in the hand, you’ll think you’re holding a 5-weight. Cast it and this rod will blow you away with its screaming line speed, lightness through the casting stroke and uncompromising accuracy. I’m not sure that I can throw a tighter loop with any other rod. Line and loop control through the air is remarkable. I like the shorter length for a slightly quicker casting stroke and more control over my fly during the retrieve. My personal 8-weight fishing is usually out of a boat for pike or tiger musky. The shorter length of this rod gives you more room to manipulate the action of the fly with the rod and turn a bigger fish with the stouter, shorter lever. This is an 8-weight for the open-minded fly angler. If you feel like the shorter length isn’t for you, simply buy the Sector 908/4. It is remarkable. If you own a 9-foot 8-weight and this rod interests you, get one in your hands. This rod is good enough to make a paradigm shift in the 8-weight category. The 848/4 can do everything the 9-footer can do, just in a lighter and quicker way. A very special fly rod.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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