Scott Sector 9011-4


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Product Description

Scott Sector 9011-4 Saltwater Fly Rod

9’0″, 11-weight, 4-pc rod  – comes with branded aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

The Scott Sector 9011-4 is a tarpon super stick, offering a rare combination of power and finesse.


  1. Rod Designer Jim Bartschi calls the S 9011-4 the most improved in the series. That speaks volumes, because the Meridian 9011-4 is one heck of an 11-weight. I first cast this rod with a Rio Direct Core WF11F and wrote the following one-word review: perfect. Coming back to it an hour later with an SA Tarpon Taper, I was surprised at how favorably this line pairs with the rod, as well. This tells me that the Sector 9011-4 will cast any popular tarpon line with command and control. Casting range, feel, loop control, power, fly turnover and ease of casting are spectacular with this model. Amazing. It has much more power than the Meridian 9011-4 for lifting line off the water, hammering into the wind and putting the timber to the fish.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler))
  2. A tarpon standard 11-weight, the Sector 9011/4 could be the smoothest casting big game rod I’ve ever picked up. You can actually carry line in the air and form loops, nice loops with finesse, rather than just load and launch. Like the rest of the lineup, light in the hand, light through the cast and strong on the pickup and at distance. The Sector 9011/4 feels so good picking up line and putting it right back down. The intuitive accuracy and distance meter of this rod will make it a dream for hitting those second and third shots at daisy-chaining fish. Jimmy spent some time developing this rod and putting it to work on Florida tarpon. The action feels purposeful and refined for this work and the rod handled everything I could imagine. Short cast, then dump the whole line, Belgian casts off either shoulder, backhanded delivery, quick direction changes, the Sector 9011/4 makes it all easy and that translates into confidence. That’s a good thing to have on the bow of a skiff with approaching tarpon.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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