Scott Session 908-4


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Product Description

Scott Session 908-4 fly rod

9’0″ 8-weight, 4-piece rod with fighting butt
Comes with partitioned cloth liner and cordura-covered PVC travel case

Covered by the Scott Lifetime Warranty for the original owner



  1. 8wt freshwater rods can be very difficult to design and are often overbuilt. The 908/4 Session is the exception, a silky smooth casting rod that can hold a remarkably tight loop at distance. It’s a great rod for nymhping up very large anadromous fish but will handle a streamer style line with ease. It shoots line effortlessly and casts several fly lines well. For big water nymphing I like the SA Anadro line and for streamer fishing the Rio Elite Predator lines will feel right at home on the 908/4 Session.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  2. All rod manufacturers make a saltwater class 9 foot 8 weight. Most also make a 908 that is intended as a freshwater or all-water style rod. I have found that these rods are often pretty similar without a lot of separation between the models. We tend to recommend a 9 foot 6 inch or 10 foot 8 weight for salmon fishing and AK work. The trick with these longer rods is they are very specialized and don’t really translate to a lot of other freshwater applications. Enter the Session 908. Nine foot rods are more versatile and there is a tremendous amount of adaptability built into the progressive action of this 908. I cast a long headed SA Anadro and a short headed SA MPX WF8F on it. The Session 908 had plenty of backbone and stability to hold up the Anadro and blast out the fly line. That line delivers a little hot at the end, but I felt like I had that extra level of control to smooth out the delivery as I watched the line run up the blank and come tight to the reel. With the MPX, there was more nuance and control to the cast and a more predictable delivery. In my mind, that is the design of each line respectively and the Session 908 did a fantastic job of matching the taper of these rather different fly lines. Big bushy bass bugs, Alaska and/or salmon work and just any freshwater application that requires a little more pull on a fish or a little more push to turn over a large fly are environments where this rod shines. With what you pay to go to AK, I think a rod like the Session 908 is an easy choice.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. In Richard’s words, “It’s really useful to have a grab-and-go 8-weight for bass, carp, salmon, pike, bonefish, redfish….all of it.” While not as purely stiff as a specialized saltwater 8-weight such as the Scott Sector or Sage Salt R8, the Session 908-4 casts with plenty of power for flats fishing while retaining a friendly approachability that makes it an all-purpose 8-weight. It flexes a little deeper, but with a progressive profile that offers a sense of evenness and rhythm. The Session 908-4 has the stability of a high end rod and more feel than similar models from other rod makers. I really enjoyed the simple act of casting with a range of lines: SA Infinity Taper, Rio Gold, Rio Predator, SA Titan Taper and, just to prove the point, a Rio Elite Redfish WF8F, the head of which is a full line weight heavy. The rod was truly a pleasure with all of these, so I know that anglers will find multiple purposes for this rod in both fresh and salt water.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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