Scott Session Fly Rods

Seriesbanner2Scott Session fly rods are tremendous fishing tools for the freshwater angler.  These are next level sticks in the mid-priced category, built on highly refined blank tapers with outstanding components.  Rod Designer Jim Bartschi put his best work into this series, re-establishing the opportunity to fish a Scott fly rod while still leaving room in your budget for a high quality reel and line.

Our praise for these rods begins with the action.  Scott calls these “Fast with Feel,” but they could also be described as “fishable fast” or “medium fast with ultra-resilient blanks.”  They are light and nimble, defying the stereotypical clubby character of most mid-priced fly rods.  They are easy to cast, flexing progressively with the amount of fly line in the air and power applied by the caster.  Loop shape and line speed are outstanding in a really wide range of fishing distances.  They do all the little things well, from roll casting and line mending to landing heavy fish in challenging currents.  Their components are impressive, too, starting with a best-in-class Wells grip with a uniquely comfortable contour.  From the the 8′ 3-weight dry fly rod to the 9′ 8-weight bass/salmon/redfish stick, there is a rod in this series that will level up your fly fishing game.