Scott Swing 1287-4


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Product Description

Scott Swing 1287-4 fly rod

12’8″ 7-weight, 4-piece, double handed fly rod
Comes with aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

Recommendation from Rod Designer Jim Bartschi:  The rod that just might provide the greatest versatility and enjoyment when pursuing most steelhead and salmon. This rod is great with both floating and sinking lines, short to long bellies, short to long distance casts, and average sized fish.

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  1. We cast this rod with the Rio Skagit Max Lauch 500 grain and it was just right. All the way right in fact. This is a winter steelhead and Skagit line specialist, very light for a 7-weight Spey rod and easy and comfortable right away. An iMow medium 5’ and 5’ tip felt spot on and out of all the 12’8” rods this one was the easiest for me with the Skagit head. It really liked a 470 grain Scandi Lauch, but the performance with the Scandi line of the 1387 would make me go there for a 7-weight Scott Swing with a Scandi head. My casts with a Skagit head were compact, smooth and easy and the load was noticeably more solid and controlled than the 1286 and a measure easier for me than the 1288. This was my favorite 12’8” Scott Swing rod.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  2. Almost every rod in this series feels lighter than any comparable two-hander I have fished. This model radiates lightness, but still has the guts to handle a Skagit 500 grain with complete confidence and control. While some rods in this series are clearly designed for one style of line head/casting/fishing, this model is equally adept with a Skagit or Scandi head. We expect versatility in 7-weight two-handers and this rod delivers. With a 470 grain Scandi head and a compact, quick stroke, the Swing 1287 delivers lasers to the far bank. Touch-and-go techniques are second nature to a rod of this length and action. Have you ever really believed in your single Spey stroke? This is the rod. The Skagit head requires a slower stroke, but patient acceleration will launch that heavy head off the butt section of this stable, powerful rod, turning over your leader with authority.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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