Scott Swing 988-4


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Product Description

Scott Swing 988-4 fly rod

9’8″ 8-weight, 4-piece, single handed fly rod
Comes with aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

Recommendation from Rod Designer Jim BartschiYep, you’re in the lineup bombing bead chain eye flies to the opposite bank on sinking shooting heads, settling in for the swing, and waiting for a sea fresh chromer to tug on the line. This rod will cast a shooting head a country mile. It also excels for targeting big steelhead or salmon in tight quarters rivers like some found in SE Alaska, Great Lakes region, or Norway.

It’s our top choice for a dedicated silver salmon rod, handling both top water and sunken flies with ease.

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  1. This rod is the line slinger of the two. If the 987 is more focused on control the 988 is more geared towards power. It has a steeper taper and faster profile than the 987 and it is my choice for throwing larger streamers and single-handed shooting heads and sinking tips. The added lift and the more traditional fast feel give the caster more control. An SA Anadro line simply flew out of the tip with long level loops and incremental control of the line leaving the tip. The 988 handled a Titan Long with noticeably more control and confidence. I would pick this rod as my Alaska mouse and streamer rod among the two and I would be less apt to nymph with this one. It certainly will, but the affinity of the 987 with a nymph rig would lean me towards that rod. An excellent choice for silver salmon and possibly the best single handed 8 weight available for Alaska. The Swing 988 is a rod to consider for blind casting in the surf as well. Added length and a stout action that welcomes shooting heads, this rod should find a home among surf casters up and down the Atlantic seaboard.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  2. In contrast to the 987-4, this rod launches right off the tip. It’s a flamethrower, a pure caster of the highest order. Swing this rod for steelhead or fish it for dorado in the Bolivian jungle. Take it to Jurassic Lake or pitch shooting heads off the beach for silver salmon. This rod is about distance, stability, control and power. It’s an excellent rod for beach fishing striped bass. It will handle any fly line, but excels with heavy headed and short headed lines, including the SA Anadro, SA Titan and Titan Long, jungle-style lines, striper lines and saltwater lines suitable for surf casting.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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