Winston Air 2 Max 8’6″ 7-weight


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Product Description

Winston Air 2 Max 8’6″ 7-weight, 4-piece rod

comes with aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner


  1. Like all of the 8’6″ models in the Air 2 Max series, casting this rod gives the impression that you have a lighter line weight in hand, like a 5-wt or 6-wt. Taking 6″ off the top makes a gigantic difference in swing weight. Inherently, shorter rods are more accurately, too, at least within their range. I cast this rod with lines that may represent the extremes of 7-weight fishing: the Rio Elite Bonefish and SA Titan Long. It’s a dream caster for bonefish and redfish, equally fishable on foot or from a skiff, a rod that will make it hard for the angler to go back to 9′ fly rods on the flats. It casts with terrific accuracy and tightest possible loops for high quality presentations. While the Rio Elite Bonefish or SA Amplitude Bonefish will be unquestioned pairings, the rod will easily handle an SA Bonefish Plus, which has a slightly heavier head and loads the rod quicker for short shots.

    Streamer junkies take note: this is one of the most perfectly designed heavy freshwater streamer rods of all time. It loads ideally with an SA Titan Long right through the mid section where the super-strong butt kicks in to create the feeling of a launch pad. Even assuming a heavy articulated water-logged fly, it’s as stable as phone pole, throwing level unwavering loops to deliver the payload. Meanwhile, it will tire the caster no more than fishing a 5-weight all day.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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