Winston Pure 6’6″ 3-weight


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Product Description

Winston Pure 6’6″ 3-weight 4-piece fly rod, case and liner

  • ACTION: Medium
  • GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated, light wire snake guides
  • REEL SEAT: Nickel Silver with figured Maple insert
  • CASE and LINER: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock


  1. This is a fun little stick. Despite being short and graphite, it keeps a smooth casting profile. One of the better short graphite rods I’ve cast, this is a great rod for the small stream Winston fan or the guy who’s skeptical of fiberglass. It has to be one of the lighter rods on the market and that lightness makes the cast feel like it almost isn’t happening. This is a svelte little stick. Bluegill, brookies, and tight quarters are the order of the day for this fun little 3-weight.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  2. One of the reasons I generally prefer fiberglass over graphite in short fly rods is that rod makers struggle to create graphite rods under 7 ½’ that flex evenly and maintain a connection with the fly line throughout the flex range. This model is almost unique among such rods in that it engages the fly line consistently and with great feel at every casting distance. All parts of the rod work in unison, so it really “casts” the line rather than simply “flipping” the fly. Maybe it’s the boron material, but more likely just an ultra-refined taper. Either way, Winston has created a true creek fishing rod from a non-fiberglass material that I loved at first cast. A bit of tip bounce is noticeable in mid-range (20’-30’), owing to the thin diameter and extraordinary lightness of the rod’s tube. Aside from that, the Pure 6’6” 3-weight is a polished little creek fishing rod.

    Line choices: Rio Technical Trout, SA Trout Taper (in all iterations), SA VPT, Rio Trout LT or Rio Gold. Avoid the Rio Creek line, which is designed for fast action rods.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  3. It was difficult to get a good feel for this rod. It lacked both stability and smoothness. I typically like a moderate action 3 wt., but this just wouldn’t be at the top of my list. The longer length rods in the series certainly performed better.

    Jason Moshonas (Telluride Angler)
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