Sage Salt R8 Fly Rods

In Salt R8, Sage has created a series of fly rods that is not only technologically superior to its predecessor but also more aligned with the requirements of the modern flats angler.  Stronger, lighter and easier to cast, this series specifically targets flats fishing, as opposed to bluewater fishing, with tangible benefits that will be appreciated by every fly fisher.  Sage credits a new technological platform, but we attribute these benefits to superior fly rod design.  Most of the rods in the Salt R8 series are, hands down, the best of class to ever come from Sage.  The tapers are more refined, the casting both more natural and powerful, the swing weights lower and accuracy more intuitive.  Sage got this right, so pick a model and head to the salt!

Componentry on the Salt R8 is convincing.  Angled Fuji Titanium stripping guides shoot better when the rod is under load and hard chrome snakes offer minimum resistance to the line.  The heavy duty reel seat with oversized lock rings grips the reel foot with confidence and is really easy to use.  Everything about these rods is optimized for the flats.  What we appreciate most, however, is the substantial improvement in castability.