Scott Session 905-4


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Product Description

Scott Session 905-4 fly rod

9’0″ 5-weight, 4-piece rod
Comes with partitioned cloth liner and cordura-covered PVC travel case

Covered by the Scott Lifetime Warranty for the original owner



  1. The 9’ 5wt Session is a prime example of Scott’s signature “fast with feel” concept. It is perfectly tuned for the angler that wants a true do-it-all 5wt. You can fish dry flies, dry droppers and nymphs with it all day. It isn’t as stiff as some of the competition but has remarkable feel. It is surprisingly light and a very smooth caster. This rod offers everything you could ever need out of a 9’ 5wt. Like many Scott fly rods, this model will handle a wide range of fly lines. I’ve tried the Rio Gold and SA Trout Standard and liked them both a lot. I personally prefer the presentation you get from a lighter line, so the Trout Standard is my favorite, but if you fish a lot of indicator rigs the Gold is a great bet. This is a rod that virtually any angler could justify having in their quiver.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  2. I love a good 5 weight. I imagine that most of you have a 9 foot 5 weight and chances are it was your first fly rod. If you’re a trout angler and don’t own a 9 foot 5 weight, two things. What have you been doing? And you ought to own one. The Scott Session 905 is an easy choice for a lot of anglers and represents a great value in a fast action 9 foot 5 weight. The action is progressive and smooth, loading with the right amount of flex and a stable tip that stays right in sync with the lower end of the rod. You get a lot of feedback from this rod and that “fast with feeling” sweetness that is very adaptable. This is a 9 foot 5 weight that is meant to be fished across a wide range of techniques and conditions. The Session 905-4 feels more refined than others at this price and has a more unique personality. Not just the little brother to the Centric, but a smartly built fly rod with best-in-class action, performance and build quality. A Rio Gold felt just right.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. A classic western trout rod, the Session 905-4 has an even-flexing taper with terrific feel and range. This do-it-all rod offers excellent power with a heightened sense of adaptability. It will cast and fish any versatile trout line. I really liked it with both a Rio Gold and SA Infinity taper, the latter of which forms long, level, stable loops with a relaxed casting stroke and would be a great pairing for fishing larger rivers with either nymphs or dry flies. Using an SA Trout or Trout Standard will tighten your loops for classic dry fly presentations. I would describe this rod as “medium fast” rather than “fast” simply because it loads and unloads under the power of a natural casting stroke. By the same token, you can’t stomp on it, can’t pop tight wedge loops off the tip like you can with a Centric or NRX+. It casts fine in the wind but is not a rod you would overline or deliberately overpower with your casting stroke. This is a well-designed fly rod that anglers will love at first cast and often leave rigged in the garage or rod vault.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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