Scott Session 907-4


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Product Description

Scott Session 907-4 fly rod

9’0″ 7-weight, 4-piece rod with fighting butt
Comes with partitioned cloth liner and cordura-covered PVC travel case

Covered by the Scott Lifetime Warranty for the original owner



  1. The 7 and 8wt Session rods are both spectacular. The 907/4 is surprisingly light and has superior feel for a high line weight trout rod. It is a beautiful casting rod that can cover a wide range of fishing situations. It doesn’t have the sheer power of the 907/4 Centric but that is to be expected from a rod of this build. It’s a great big water nymphing rod and a lethal streamer rod. It casts like a 9’ 5wt rod and fishes like a classic 7wt rod. It’s a rod that will be equally happy chasing trout as it will be targeting bass and larger fish. I threw the SA Infinity WF7F on the 907/4 and was very happy with how it performed.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  2. I really like a 7 weight for my big streamer trout work. I like how the heavier line drives a big streamer and makes it easier to cast, cast, cast and cast the whole day without wearing me down as much as using a 6 weight to push a big fly. When I’m throwing articulated streamers (Goldie, Mini-Peanut Envy, Dungeons, D&Ds, Rusty Trombones, etcetera) from the boat, I almost always have a 9 foot 7 weight for that work. Scott has always made great 9 foot 7 weights and the Session is no exception. A 9 foot 7 weight is a go-to rod for mixed Alaska rainbows and salmon (excluding Kings), a bass rod for turning over large poppers, a carp rod when you need more backbone but a light touch and presentation, and my most common application, a rod for casting large streamers to trout from a drift boat. I would leave this one out of the saltwater, not from a performance standpoint, but to keep the reel seat looking sharp. Wood reel seats take beating in the saltwater and the Wave 907 is Scott’s offering at this price for the salt.

    The Session 907 is very light in the hand and you can really wind up and drive a cast with this rod when you want to. I cast the SA Infinity taper and loved the lightness through the cast with this line. Heavier headed lines like the SA Titan taper were easy and smooth with plenty of stability to handle the exaggerated head weight. If you’ve been thinking about adding a 907 to your greater freshwater arsenal, take a look at the Session 907. You get a supremely versatile fly rod across the spectrum of freshwater arenas and a rod that is fun to cast without any rules, just add water and fish it.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. This is a fast action but even-flexing 7-weight that will be fished for many applications, including heavy trout streamer, carp, bass and redfish. I cast it with several different lines and was impressed by the line speed and accuracy generated with every one of them, including the Rio Gold, SA Infinity Taper, Rio Predator and SA Titan Long, the latter of which proves the stability and confidence of this no-nonsense fly rod because its heavy head tends to jack around lesser fly rods. This is a long-casting rod that feels sweet from the first swing, so whether you drop your fly in close or punch it to the far bank, you’ll be happy with your presentation.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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