Winston Air 2 Fly Rods

Winston Air 2 fly rods are a gigantic leap.  Perennially known for elegance and touch, Winston has designed a rod that will go toe-to-toe with the most powerful fly rods in the world.  There is no asterisk.  Line speed and control will match or exceed any other rod in the most demanding conditions.  Air 2 rods still look and feel like a true Winston, but their casting qualities are several levels above any previous fast action fly rod from this company.

Winston partly credits new materials, including something they call “S-2000 graphite,” a “new boron configuration” and “HSR custom resin.”  We suspect it’s just better rod design.  When casting Air 2 models, we find the progressive fast action to be highly refined.  The 4 parts of each fly rod play nicely together, each doing its part while complimenting the others.  This is the black art of rod design, the subtleties of taper change, weight and relative stiffness, the variables a rod designer sees in his sleep but must bring to life in a physical product.  It’s hard to draw this up on a blackboard, but when you feel it, you know it.

The Air 2 are freshwater fly rods, rather than fresh/salt crossovers.  The action is fast, but still within line class.  They cast easily with the power of a relaxed stroke, but line speed erupts from the first swing with laser loops 20′ to 90′.  We love the new modified half Wells grip.  It feels terrific and offers a combination of finger tip touch with support to the heel of the casting hand for both short and long throws.  Nice job, guys.  These are fantastic fly rods.

AVAILABILITY DATES:  all models in stock except the 9′ 3-wt!