ASQ 1190-4


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Product Description

Asquith 1190-4

9′ 0″ 11-wt, 4-pc rod   Handle: Wells grip, anodized reel seat, fighting butt

The Loomis Asquith 1190-4 casts like a dream, but will land any tarpon in the Atlantic.





  1. Casting this rod with an SA Tarpon Taper, my first impression was that it has greater loop control than most 11-weights. It loads easily through a really wide range of casting distances. There is spectacular power in the butt section, but it doesn’t interfere with the casting action. I notice a big difference between the NRX 11-weight and Asquith 11-wt. The Asquith has a much more integrated feel and, overall, is easier to use.

    Lines: SA Tarpon Taper, SA Sonar Intermediate, Rio Tarpon, Rio Tarpon Technical

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is what you look for in an 11 weight in my opinion. A rod that has the strength to turn very large fish but is also capable of carrying line in the air accurately without the weight of the line beating up the caster. This is a rod that Keys tarpon anglers should take into consideration for fish that need a fly to be presented carefully and calmly but lay the wood to them when they take off. The rod didn’t require you to expend an unnecessary amount of energy to cast. Swing weight was light light, and you could actually feel the 11 weight load up. This is very special 11 and its the rod for the trout caster looking to step up to a big rod.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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