G.Loomis IMX-Pro V2 7100-4


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Product Description

G.Loomis IMX-Pro V2 7100-4 fly rod

10’0″ 7-weight, 4-piece fly rod
Comes with case and partitioned cloth liner


  1. This is a powerful single hander for steelhead, salmon, and the high-stakes stillwater fishing found in places like Iceland and Argentina. Like the other 10-footers in this series, the 7100-4 fishes high in its line class. Even with an SA Infinity taper, it wants a little more line weight. Fish it with an SA or Rio steelhead-style floater, a Rio Predator, SA Titan, SA Anadro or other specialized line that possesses above average head weight. It will handle sink tip and full sinking lines with ease. For my single handed steelheading, the 7100-4 covers all of the applications in which I would normally fish either a 7 or 8-weight rod, so most anglers should choose this rod over the 8100-4 unless the rod will be designated for winter steelheading with heaviest sink tips on broad rivers.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The 10’ rods in the IMX Pro V2 lineup should almost be considered their own series. They are by no means as light and crisp as the 9 footers, but excellent fishing tools. The 7100/4 in particular is a very powerful rod. There is a significant jump from the 6100/4 to the 7100/4. It is not a rod that you should target trout with but will be very happy chasing large anadromous fish. With a slightly slower casting stroke this rod is surprisingly smooth. Unlike the 6100/4, which buckles ever so slightly with a heavier line, the 7100/4 will handle heavier lines with ease. I messed around with the SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity on here but wouldn’t be at all afraid to throw a heavier nymphing-style line or even a streamer specific line on it.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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