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Product Description

G.Loomis NRX+ 4100-4 fly rod

10’0″ 4-wt, 4-pc rod  with case and liner

~ Single foot recoil guides
~ Titanium SiC stripper guides
~ Micro full Wells grip, AAA cork quality
~ Custom aluminum reel seat with walnut insert (490-4, 590-4, 595-4)
~ Custom all-aluminum reel seat with fighting butt (4100-4, 5100-4, 690-4, 6100-4)
~ Aluminum rod case with partitioned cloth liner
~ Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington



  1. The light tipped design of the 10’ 4-weight makes it castable all day for the high stick nympher or float tube angler. In fact, the NRX+ 4100-4 is a terrific caster by any standard. The SA MPX is probably the best overall line for this rod as the ½ size heavy head loads the blank more deeply and the long rear taper offers substantial control at distance. I also cast it with Rio Gold 4 and 5-weight lines. I loved them all. Predictably, the 4-weight gold feels lightest and generates highest line speed for dry fly casting. The 5-wt Gold still casts terrific and offers a bit more command for line mends and roll casts. I settled on the SA MPX WF4F as the best all-arounder for this rod.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This would have to be one of the finest 10’ fly rods that I have ever cast. It is incredibly light for a 10’ rod and has a lot of power. Though we don’t tend to fish rods over 9’ that much in Southwest Colorado, this would make for a great “big water” 4wt rod. I cast this rod with both the 5wt Rio Gold and the 4wt Rio Gold and thought they both felt great on there. It is a great overhead caster and roll casts with the best of them. I kept finding myself looking at the rod ID because it certainly does not feel like a 10’ fly rod when casting. G Loomis has made yet another truly spectacular 10’ rod!

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. This was the most surprising rod to me in the NRX+ lineup. In general, I tend to look past 10 foot 4-weights and write them off as one note nymphing rods. The NRX+ 4100 could not be further from this and is the best casting and feeling 10 foot 4-weight I’ve every picked up. The rod felt perfect with an InTouch Rio Gold WF4F. It cast so smoothly overhead that I had to remind myself it was a 10 footer rather than a 9 footer. The lightness of the rod with the precision of the taper hide the extra foot of graphite exquisitely. You simply do not feel like you’re holding a 10 foot fly rod. The NRX+ 4100 features an aluminum uplocking reel seat with a smart looking small fighting butt appropriate for its line weight. This rod is highly capable of fishing dries, nymph rigs, streamers and even substituting as a legitimate Euro Nymph rod. I hate to say it, but this rod is a real quiver killer. Its versatility and skillfulness across such a wide range of fly rod techniques is truly unique. The NRX+ 4100 is a 10 foot 4-weight that fishes and feels like a 4-weight while providing the angler with extreme mending and reaching ability. If you’ve been curious about a 10 foot 4-weight rod, but not convinced, check this rod out. I haven’t picked up anything like it before.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  4. Upon further consideration (2nd review with new lines): If you’ve read my reviews in the past you may pick up on the fact that I don’t gravitate towards 10-foot single handed rods. The waters I fish and guide don’t really call for them and pure casting ability is something I cherish. Most 10-foot rods don’t accomplish this with the same feeling as a 9 or 9-foot 6-inch rod. The NRX+ 4100 is something entirely different and it has made me reconsider 10-foot single handed rods. Amazingly light for this length, the rod feels balanced in your hand without a reel on it. With a Rio Elite Gold, the pairing is unmatched and truly best in class. The rod loads and rebounds like a 9-footer and feels like a 9-footer through the cast. The lightness in hand is remarkable and unmatched. You could fish dry flies with this rod and it could be the ultimate dry fly rod when backcast room and height are a concern. Think about a float tube, canoe or fishing a bank with head-high cover. Nymph fisherman should pay attention and I also believe that the NRX+ 4100 is a serious contender in Stillwater scenarios whether on the bank, in a boat or bobbing in the float tube. 10-foot rods are niche quiver rods by design but this particular rod plays in and outside of its class. This is a paradigm shifting rod for me.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  5. This is hands down my favorite 10’ 4wt. It is light weight and does everything you want out of a 10ft rod, without feeling like a 10ft rod! This is a tool that I would bring out of the quiver in order to nymph some of my favorite big water. In order to do so, I would pair this rod with a Rio Elite Gold. If I wanted to make this a dedicated dry fly rod when wading some of my favorite big water, I would pair this rod with a Rio Elite Technical Trout. This is a light 10’ rod that works together throughout the blank in order to deliver your flies with accuracy wherever you may want them. Superb.

    Jim Harris (Telluride Angler)
  6. The 10-foot rods in the NRX+ lineup are outstanding across the board. The 4100 is an absolute rock star. It is everything you could ever want from a 10-foot trout stick. It is lighter than a lot of other rods in the same length and line weight and is a total sweetheart caster. 10-foot rods are increasingly popular in the sport and these NRX+ rods are leading the way. The 4100 throws a nice tight loop with a small dry fly, but can also roll cast a heavy double nymph rig across big water on windy days. I’ve messed around with a few different lines and like the Rio Elite Gold as an all around line and the Rio Elite Technical Trout as a pure casting line. The Elite Gold will perform better on the water, but the Technical Trout is a great lawn caster. If you’ve been thinking about stepping up to a longer trout rod but are worried about the extra weight, the NRX+ 4100/4 might be the perfect rod for you.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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