Sage 990-4 Igniter


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Product Description

Sage 990-4 Igniter fly rod with case and liner

9’0″ 9-wt, 4-piece, 4.0 oz. with all-aluminum seat and fighting butt

The Sage Igniter 990-4 is primarily designed for permit, striped bass and other mid-sized saltwater species, but also makes a great salmon rod.


  1. This thing casts all the line without batting an eye with instant distance on command and the ability to hit your target from nothing to 90 feet with minimal false casting. With a Flats Pro WF9F, this setup is perfect. This rod begs to be a technical permit rod and possesses a powerful butt section that an experienced caster can dig into. I could not overpower the rod and loved the way it handled the Flats Pro line. I’m selling most permit anglers 9-weights rather than 10-weights these days, and this rod is a 9-weight that makes a WF9F line bust through wind like a 10-weight and carry that crab pattern to the dinner plate. Choose the Salt HD 990-4 for a more all-around saltwater rod if lifting power is your predominant concern or if you are still perfecting your double haul. The IGNITER 990-4 is meant for the guy that understands and appreciates the importance of wind on the flats and knows what it takes to excel in that environment.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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