Scott Centric 854-4


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Product Description

Scott Centric 854-4  fly rod

8’6″ 4-weight, 4-piece rod

The Centric 854-4 throws laser dry fly loops with plenty of spine for dry dropper fishing and light nymphing.


  1. Generally, I prefer moderate action rods for dry fly fishing, but this is a fast action 4-weight I would fish all day. Like its big brothers, the Centric 854-4 possesses the ability to cast a country mile with a spectacular flat loop. All rods in this series go long, but this model also casts effortlessly at short and mid distances by merely rocking the rod back and forth through a short stroke. It’s a dream with an SA Trout Taper, engaging the line ideally at every distance. I made several casts with just my thumb and fingertips. To me, this showed how much work the rod does on its own, with virtually no input from the caster. I felt like I was spying on someone else’s casting, glancing just to my right as some of the prettiest loops I’ve ever cast were zipping past my body.

    The Rio Elite Gold and Rio Elite Technical Trout are also fine pairings for the Centric 854-4. The Gold loads the rod a tad deeper than the Trout Taper, while the Technical Trout feels lighter at short distances but a little heavier with 40 feet of line in the air. Choose your line based upon its fishing characteristics, rather than the rod/line pairing.

    I love the reduced Wells grip that Bartschi chose for this model. It’s the same grip we used on our custom Telluride Angler “3-Riffles” G2 843-4 a few years ago, highly contoured but appropriate in girth for the 854-4.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The 854 was a touch more line sensitive and preferred the SA Amplitude Infinity taper over the other lines we cast. Pick this line and don’t second guess your decision. With the Infinity taper, the Centric 854 becomes playful, light and lively with excellent controllable line speed that does not outrun the pace of this rod. I really liked the feel of the line leaving the tip with this combo and believe this rod will prefer throwing a bulkier rig. This is a highly effective faster profile rod for medium sized freestone work. Dry dropper, attractor hopper fly and a nymph rig are all in the wheelhouse of this 8-foot 6-inch 4-weight. This rod is among the most improved Centrics when compared to the Radian series.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. I really would not want to fish this rod with anything but the SA Amplitude Infinity Taper. This is the one line that just felt right on this rod. I mentioned fishing the Sage X 486-4 on Telluride’s San Miguel river. This Scott Centric 854-4 could certainly be fished in these smaller river scenarios as well, however, it feels better suited for fishing larger rivers from a drift boat. The power and control that comes from this rod makes for a pristine tool when fishing hoppers/hopper dropper rigs at medium to long distances.

    Jim Harris (Telluride Angler)
  4. I often struggle with shorter fast action rods. To me they usually feel too stiff and are rarely smooth casters. The new Centric 854/4 is like nothing I’ve experienced before in this length and line weight. It has an almost “air like” feeling and casts very well in close. Of all the rods in the Centric lineup, this might be the most sensitive in terms of line pairings. I cast the Rio Elite Technical Trout, Rio Elite Gold, SA Amplitude Infinity, and SA Amplitude Trout on the 854 and the Infinity is by far the best pairing. The other lines made the rod feel a little too stiff for my liking. Just like all of the rods in the Centric lineup, the 854 is a rod that can throw a nice tight loop at all distances and will just keep going, all day.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  5. Love the new Scott centric 854-4. I’m able to get really nice tight effortless loops out of this rod, also feels really light in hand.

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