Scott Centric Fly Rods

Scott Centric fly rods showcase Scott’s ability to create a more fishable rod by utilizing technology with focused design sophistication.  Centric is a better fast action fly rod. It casts out of this world, but also does all the little things that improve technique and the angler’s overall experience on the water. Most fast action fly rods struggle with roll casting and line control. Centric excels. All fast action rods cast for distance, but few offer the feedback and touch associated with moderate action rods. The fundamental action and flex profile of the Centric is so refined that it’s hard to peg them with conventional tags, such as “tip action” or “fast.” The Centric flexes deeper than the Radian, but recovers faster. It is lighter, but more powerful and stable. It casts every kind of fly line better than its peers, whether you’re throwing a trico on the Henry’s Fork or Autumn Splendor on the Roaring Fork.

Technology lies in the understory.  New generation ARC reinforcement is 25% lighter than previous material.  Improved ” Carbon Link” resin bonds fibers stronger with less glue, allowing Rod Designer Jim Bartschi to build a thinner walled blank that is, miraculously, lighter and more responsive, but also stronger.  You can actually feel the result.  The components are the finest and most customized in the industry.  A new fully milled reel seat features “Speed Threads” and a self indexed hood for one touch tightening.  The uplocking hood is machined with an ergonomic lip for removing your reel and knurling for positive grip in wet conditions.  A special red Delrin lock washer secures the fit and adds a subtle color match to the rod’s stunning electric red trim wraps.  A black Micarta reel seat insert, low glare Universal Snake Guides and titanium stripping guides complete a dark and alluring finish, expensive, beautiful and original.