Scott Centric 955-4


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Product Description

Scott Centric 955-4  fly rod

9’6″ 5-weight, 4-piece rod, with fighting butt

The Centric 955-4 is designed for fishing big water with all techniques:  dry flies, nymphs and streamers, with both floating and sinking lines.  The reach and power of this rod combine with sensational roll casting and mending ability.


  1. This is an inherently tricky rod model. Jim’s goal was to make it flex a little deeper than the Radian 955-4 to improve line mending, roll casting and single Spey ability, but to do so without adding tip weight required the type of taper refinement that involves changing all four parts of the fly rod. Bartschi’s patience shines. The first prototype was too stiff. The second felt tip heavy and spongy in the mid-section. All the other rods were finalized and, without exception, were extraordinary. The 955-4 came last. I cast the finalized 955-4 several days after we received and began selling the other models. It should come as no surprise, but I was just blown away. It feels incredible. It casts dead flat loops from 25’ to 90’. I could fish this rod all week without fatigue. The line speed is so much higher than other long 5-weights that you’ll forget you’re fishing a 9 ½ footer. It forms delicate casting loops off the tip like an 8 ½’ rod. The feel, loop control and range are simply superb. The rod will handle just about any fly line, but the long head of the SA Infinity Taper produces those gorgeous loops that make me want to keep casting.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The Centric 955 just wanted to be cast and didn’t seem to bat an eye at different line tapers making for a highly tunable 9-foot-6 inch rod. With a Rio Technical Trout the loops were wickedly tight and zipped out of the rod tip. Load this rod and line up and let it ride. The down range control is consummate and the distance is easy and plentiful. If you’re ooking for a long range dry fly rod, this is a great combination. With the Infinity taper, the Centric 955 feels more well rounded and matched to the intended purposes of this line weight and length. You lose a touch of line speed but the added mass of the line provides more purchase behind larger flies. Loop control is excellent with the Infinity taper and this is my favorite line that compromises distance, ability to carry a larger fly and control in equal parts. This is an expertly matched and fishy combination. The Rio Elite Gold had a little bit of the best of both lines. I liked the Tech Trout for downrange distance and the Infinity taper for confidence carrying line in the air. Go with the Elite Gold as a middle ground between the two.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. The smoothness, power, feel and ease of loop control coming from this specimen is something special. Like its competitor (Sage X 597-4), it is a very versatile rod, allowing the angler to take this rod and only this rod fishing in order to conquer the river with various fishing techniques. This masterpiece of a fly rod is happy with a multitude of lines, however, the SA Amplitude Infinity taper was the standout for me. If you are looking for a rod that will do it all for you, while maintaining that “Scott feel,” this is the rod for you.

    Jim Harris (Telluride Angler)
  4. This is the rod in the Centric lineup that has continued to impress me the most. It is redefining what a 9’6” 5wt rod can truly do. From the first cast I really noticed how powerful the rod was. The line jumped out of the top guide and wanted to keep shooting forever. Then I focused on shorter casts and was pleasantly surprised how well the rod performed within 20 feet. It has great touch for a longer rod and is stable throughout the whole blank. It is physically light in hand and accurate at all distances. This rod will excel at nymphing on bigger rivers where roll casts and big mends are important. It will handle heavy rigs but can also throw a single dry into the wind with ease. I cast this rod with a bunch of different floating 5wt lines and the SA Amplitude Infinity is the best all around choice by far.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  5. Rod taste is so personal and each person’s needs are so different that it’s hard to say, “Yea this is the rod YOU need.” I mean, in my perfect world, a 7’ 3 weight glass rod magically works for every condition and with every rig. Of course, it does not. Being in Montana, that fact is only magnified. With the Centric 955, I was looking for a very specific type of rod: I wanted something uber-versatile but still playful. I also wanted a rod that felt creative and had the ability to go ‘off script’ if I wanted it
    to. Let me say also that I’m 6’3” and 215lbs so this might be an entirely different rod to someone who is 5’10” 160lbs. That said, the Centric 955 is the unicorn I was looking for. It feels so intuitive in hand and throws line effortlessly- almost too effortlessly. Make no mistake, I wouldn’t call this a delicate or light rod- the wide taper due to the extra length (combined w the fighting butt) makes it feel pretty substantial compared to your average 5 weight. In other words, the power is real! That said, I absolutely love the action and feel like I can do ANYTHING with this rod. Thanks Scott for taking the risk and putting together a super challenging length/weight combo. This might be my favorite rod I ever own.

    Nick L.
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