Scott Centric 904-4


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Product Description

Scott Centric 904-4  fly rod

9’0″ 4-weight, 4-piece rod

The Centric 904-4 is a light line wonderstick of spectacular casting range and loop control.


  1. Some will call this the best rod in the series. For me, it’s tied with the other 9-footers, easily the best fast action 9’ 4-weight Scott has ever designed. It has all the range of the Radian 904-4, but so much sweeter in the top part of the rod. I first cast it with an SA Trout Taper WF4F and had no desire to change lines. Eventually, I tried both the Rio Elite Gold and Rio Elite Technical Trout. It casts all of these with superb feel, tremendous loop control and intuitive timing. Beyond its sensational feel, I would call out loop control as its single greatest capability. When it comes to dry fly presentations, this rod begs for a 16’ leader. It generates sizzling line speed but may still be manipulated for precise reach casts, bump and snake casts. When casting on the grass at Scott, Jim and I were dropping the fly on dandelions with 5’ wide slack mends incorporated into the presentation. I’ve never felt anything like it.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is a phenomenal, top of the line fast action 4-weight, a rod that maintains the playful light feeling of the 4-weight line with the confidence to reach out and place a fly lightly into the wind. I preferred the Rio lines on this rod. The Technical Trout made the rod feel tactical and exacting, providing the caster with a feeling of connectivity that exudes confidence. The Elite Gold kept the magic wand feeling of the Technical Trout but gives the rod and line combo a touch more substance to turn over a bigger fly or a reasonable nymph rig. The SA Infinity was wonderful and exact past 30 feet, but the extra weight made me feel like the line was driving the rod in close. This line is a great option for a newer caster looking to expand their ability with the #4 line and fast action rod. Excellent rod and a top choice for a fast action 4-weight with a fun four weight feel and perhaps the most accepting 9-foot 4-weight with different line tapers.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. This 904 Centric blew me away. The 490 Asquith has been a standout for me in this category since the first time I took it for a spin. After playing with the 904 Centric, I can honestly say that this is a rod that I would pick up over the Asquith in certain scenarios. Although not quite as light in hand as the Asquith, it is mighty close. You accept the difference in weight as you feel the increase in power. If I am setting out with my 4wt, with no plan on what fishing techniques will be used and no knowledge on whether the “W” word will be playing a factor in my day, I will be grabbing this Scott Centric 904. It is a versatile, powerful 4wt, that allows you to create any loop size that your heart may desire. It is a pleasure to cast all day long and is a 4wt that I would fish in various conditions with various techniques. The Rio Elite Technical Trout would be my first choice in line pairing. The Rio Gold and SA Amplitude Infinity Taper are a bit more versatile. This rod will throw whatever line you throw on it!

    Jim Harris (Telluride Angler)
  4. This is by far my favorite 9 foot 4wt Scott rod I’ve ever cast or fished. It is wonderfully light in hand and can do it all. This is a rod that I have had the pleasure of fishing all over in Colorado. From technical dry fly fishing on tailwaters to dry dropper fishing in Scott’s homeland to nymph fishing on local freestones, the Centric 904 continues to amaze me. This is a great improvement over the Radian 904 which I always thought was a little too stiff. The Centric is one of the smoothest casting fast action 4wt rods out there and is a rod you can fish all day without tiring. I’ve had the chance to fish the Rio Elite Gold and SA Amplitude Trout lines on this rod and both work very well for their designed purpose. If you’re fishing dry flies, either the Rio Elite Technical Trout or SA Amplitude Trout will be best. If you’re fishing dry droppers and nymphs put either the Rio Elite Gold or SA Amplitude Trout on and enjoy. These are my favorite lines, but I should note that I have yet to find a fly line that I don’t like on this rod.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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