Scott Sector 81011-2 (8′ 10″ 11-wt, 2-pc)


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Product Description

Scott Sector 81011-2 Saltwater Fly Rod

8’10”, 11-weight, 2-pc rod  – comes with branded aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner



  1. Side-by-side with the 10-weight, the Sector 2-piece 11-weight will be the go-to rod for tarpon fishermen who own a boat in the Southeast. All of these 2-piecers are easier to cast than the former Meridians. Even an average caster can throw most of the fly line with just a few strokes. The very best line pairing is the Rio Direct Core Tarpon, but the Sector will handle all SA and Rio tarpon lines.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is a killer two piece tarpon stick! Similar to all of the new two piece rods, it is light, stable, and powerful. It doesn’t take a whole lot to shoot line out. I found it to be a little more difficult to get going than some of the other rods in the series, but once you have enough line out it really sings. I cast it with the Rio DirectCore Flats Pro and felt that it was a great pairing. I wouldn’t be afraid to put a Rio DirectCore Tarpon line on there by any means.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. I have a feeling that this rod will show up in a lot of tarpon-centric fly fishing ads in the coming years. Of all the Sector rods, the 81011/2 promises to become a cult classic. Tarpon fanatics will find this rod and they will put it to work. This rod is a highly castable and highly intuitive big game class fly rod. Light enough to throw all day with the backbone to pull on an adult tarpon. The rod throws a variety of tapers and has the power down low to pick up both sinking and floating lines off the water at distance. The one-shot accuracy is special and seems to read your mind. The Sector 81011/2 has as much touch in close as it has at distance. This rod is everything you want in an 11-weight for the boat without sacrificing anything.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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