Scott Swing 14810-4


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Product Description

Scott Swing 14810-4 fly rod

14’8″ 10-weight, 4-piece, double handed fly rod
Comes with aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

Recommendation from Rod Designer Jim BartschiClearwater, Skeena, Gaula, anywhere you fish big water for big fish. Massive casts and incredible line control give you the ability to fish the furthest seams and lies. A powerful butt section lets you turn heavy fish in heavy currents.

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  1. Big dog right here. I can imagine this rod is light relative to line weight and length, but it was a lot of rod for a little old trout fisherman. I hadn’t picked up a rod larger than a 13 ½’ 8-weight in a long time and arrogantly assumed that I’d grab the 14810 and put a hole in the other side of the bank. It took a few casts for me to get it going, and I began to cast better once I had an idea of how to swing this 14’8” rod around. I needed a softer anchor placement and a gradual focused sweep but with more effort from me to form good D loops. I see my personal two handed fishing as topping out at 14 foot 9-weight, but for the largest rivers and biggest fish I can see where you would need it.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  2. 14810-4: We cast this behemoth with a Rio Skagit Launch 700 grain head (25 feet), which felt well-matched, given the grinding task of scouring the bottom of swift, frigid winter steelhead and salmon rivers. I recall exploratory trips in my youth with a 15’ 10-weight Scott ARC and who knows what sinking line. It was an exercise in brutality. This rod feels much heavier, but what almost-15-foot rod ever didn’t? The mere act of holding a 700 grain line as high as a flagpole is a bit tiring, but perhaps less so with a modern rod like this one. It casts great. Honestly, loading and delivering with this rod was as easy as any other rod in the series, but not every angler will need such a specialized winter two-hander.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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