Winston Air 2 9’6″ 6-weight


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Product Description

Winston Air 2 9’6″ 6-weight

~ Light gauge snake guides with ECO slick coating
~ New modified half Wells grip from flor grade cork
~ Nickel silver over burled box elder uplocking reel seat
~ Comes with partitioned cloth liner and high quality aluminum rod tube


  1. The 9’6” 6wt Air 2 is a great rod for anyone looking to add a longer trout rod to their quiver. It isn’t nearly as powerful as some other rods out there in the same length and line weight, but it is far smoother than any of the competition. The rod is very even flexing and predictable. You can really feel the rod load and can find the sweet spot almost immediately. The rod forms a nice tight loop with only a small amount of line out and will fish amazingly well in close. Just like the other two 9’6” rods in the Air 2 family the 6wt is not designed to be a rocket ship but it has amazing touch and feel for a bigger trout rod. It roll casts and mends far easier than your typical power driven 9’6” 6wt and is an absolute joy to cast and fish. The rod favors a longer, slower casting stroke. My favorite all around line on this rod is the SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity WF6F. With this line the rod loads very easily in close and holds a nice tight loop at all distances.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  2. Like a concert piano, this is another expertly tuned rod in the Air 2 series.  I first cast it with an SA Infinity Taper, which is a half line weight heavy with a long head.  While the rod will surely handle just about any line, I found the Infinity to be a particularly strong match because the long rod loads most evenly with a long-headed line.  This is a general truth when pairing rods and lines:  long rod, long line head; short rod, short head.  The Air 2 9’6″ 6-weight has an immaculate, progressive flex profile.  The rod holds back tremendous reserve power which unleashes naturally when more line is aerialized.  No double haul is required to cast 70 feet or more.  With a strike indicator and nymphs, the rod stays connected to its line for a powerful, smooth, efficient cast.  While some fast action rods “fling” the line and fly, this one loads and explodes with truly optimized mechanics.  On the water, it possesses a rare combination of command with touch.  It will roll cast forever and deliver precise stack mends without exhausting the caster.  Every angler will be impressed with the Air 2 9’6″ 6-weight.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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