Winston Pure 9′ 4-weight


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Product Description

Winston Pure 9′ 4-weight 4-piece fly rod, case and liner

  • ACTION: Medium
  • GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated, light wire snake guides
  • REEL SEAT: Nickel Silver with figured Maple insert
  • CASE and LINER: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock


  1. In the highest percentile of fine fly rods, the Pure 9’ 4-weight is a marvel of taper tuning. Medium action 9’ 4-weights are challenging for the rod designer because the tip weight required to make the rod flex deeply also makes the rod feel heavy. The Pure 9’ 4-weight completely defies this generalization. It is so sweet in the hand, but still flexes into the middle of the rod regardless of line length. With an SA Trout Taper or Rio Technical Trout, level casting loops come off the tip from 20’ to 60’. Remarkable. Loop control is so easy that I can turn over a 14’ leader at 50 feet without a double haul. The tip is stiff enough to follow through on any type of cast or line mend. This turns over the leader effortlessly and automatically, a natural extension of the fly line on the water. I think of the Pure Series as “pure” dry fly rods, but at 9’, this model will easily handle a dry-dropper combination or light nymph rig.

    Make sure to fish this rod with a true-to-line weight line, such as the Rio Technical Trout or any version of the SA Trout Taper (my personal favorite).

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is one hell of a fly rod and one of the best 9 foot 4-weights out there! I kept going back to this rod just to cast it. It’s a rod that you should cast after you throw something that didn’t agree with you, lovely-casting palate cleanser. Some rods just have that feeling, hard to put a finger on it, but you sure know when you cast it. The Rio Gold and SA Trout taper WF4F were wonderful and produced excellent, level loops and sent a supple, smooth sensation to the casting hand. This is a dry fly tool. While I bet it would throw a nymph, I’m not sure why you’d want to with this rod. The Pure 9 foot 4-weight is a dry fly dream, but by no means an all-conditions rod. This rod is a set of powder skis. When the conditions are right, pick it up and squeeze every drop of good out of the day. I wouldn’t take this thing out of the tube on a windy day, though. Technical dry fly fishing in good conditions is where this beautifully adorned rod wants to play.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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