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Product Description

Asquith 490-4

9′ 0″ 4-wt, 4-pc rod   Handle: Trout Grip

The Asquith 490-4 is perhaps our favorite trout model in the series and among the truly exquisite 4-weights we have ever cast.





  1. Perhaps my favorite rod in the series, the Asquith 490-4 will be described as “perfect” by many anglers. The Asquith 490-4 exemplifies my favorite quality of the series as a whole: the basic flex profile of these rods is immaculate. There are stiffer fly rods that can cast farther and probably rods with greater torsional stability, but I have never cast a 4-weight so finely tuned to its line. Casting loops form instantly, and while it is tempting to cast for the horizon, the rod generates equal line speed and dead level loops at all distances. The swing weight is minute, the balance sensational and loop control so phenomenal it feels like you are placing the fly on target with your pinky finger. Rajeff has a legacy of fantastic 9’ 4-weights. This may be the finest rod he has ever designed.

    The Asquith 490-4 will handle almost any line, but it would be a shame to fish it with a load-and-dump weight forward taper with an extra short head. Life is too short not to make a few false casts with a stick like this.

    Line pairings: SA Trout Taper, Rio Gold, Rio Perception

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This was a wonderful casting fly rod and like the NRX the 9 foot 4 weight was my favorite in the lineup. Line speed was instant and supernatural. Loops formed immediately and gave you this feeling of absolute control over the line through every aspect of the cast. This was the best 9 foot 4 weight that I cast at IFTD 2016 and I honestly think it’s the best rod in this line weight and length I’ve ever thrown. Nine foot four weights in faster rods tend to feel more like a 5 weight to me, but not this one. This rod hits the sweet spot. Control at all distances, effortless and easy line speed, outstanding loop control and that grin on your face that doesn’t wear off after you put the rod down. This is one fine four weight and an absolutely perfect western trout rod.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
  3. The 490 Asquith is by far my favorite rod in the whole trout lineup. The rod forms tight bullet like loops at all distances and has significant backbone for such a light weight rod. I use an SA Trout taper on this rod and am very happy with it. The Trout taper quickens up the rod just a tad but still loads well in close. I was most impressed with the feel and overall swing weight of the 490. This would have to be my favorite 9′ 4wt rod that I have had the pleasure of fishing over the years. I am not one to typically like fast action 4wt rods, but this one is truly sensational. This would make a great 4wt for anglers of all experience levels and fishing styles.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  4. This is hands down the rod that I would like to find in my hand as I am fishing dry flies to technical rising trout as a slight breeze that would crumble my 3wt fills the air. Paired with the Rio Elite Technical Trout, this rod becomes quite the tool. Loop control and line speed are sensational. The lightness of this rod gives me exactly what I am looking for as I play with spooky trout in breezy conditions with a long leader on some of my favorite trout flats.

    Jim Harris (Telluride Angler)
  5. Fast action 4wt rods are tough from a design standpoint. G Loomis absolutely nailed it with this rod. This is the finest fast action 4wt rod I have ever fished. It is remarkably light, has great touch, and performs wonderfully in the wind. I’ve fished this rod on high alpine lakes with heavy wind, technical tailwaters with midge eating trout, and classic dry dropper style freestones. This rod excels in nearly any situation you put it in. The thing that has impressed me most is how well it mends. Often times what you gain in power you lose in feel, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth with this model. Don’t shy away from the high sticker price, this rod is absolutely worth it. I’ve played around with and fished a bunch of different lines on the 490 Asquith and the SA Amplitude is 100% the best pure casting line. The Rio Elite Gold is another great line that is better for dry dropper and nymph fishing.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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