Sage Salt R8 1090-4


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Product Description

Sage Salt R8 1090-4 fly rod

9’0″ 10-weight, 4-piece fly rod with partitioned cloth liner and heavy duty aluminum case


  1. This is one of my three favorite rods in the series and the finest 10-weight Sage has ever produced. 10-weights are tricky because their popular purposes call for conflicting characteristics. A rod with fighting power for tarpon may lack touch and fast-loading characteristics for permit. Designing a lightweight 10-weight is a challenge for every rod maker, too. It’s a tweener line class that requires purposeful design and nuanced balance. Many rod makers design their 10-weights in a chip-off-the-block fashion, sizing up the 9-weight or down the #11. That produces a mediocre rod in the middle of the range.

    The Salt R8 loads a little deeper than the lighter line weights, but only in a way that helps me generate line speed. It is springy and lively with a Rio Elite Tarpon WF10 and perhaps the only 10-weight I’ve ever cast that makes the Rio Permit taper feel good. I still don’t like that line, but it’s a tribute to the rod. The butt section feels “Sage strong,” but the tip is lighter and more accessible than the comparable Salt HD. This is advanced rod design, marrying the tip and butt section in a sophisticated taper. The Salt R8 1090-4 has more power for picking up long lines than other 10-weights. Again, this is purpose-driven. Permit and tarpon fishing require lots of 2nd shots, often at distance. There is a hidden stiff section in this rod that lives below the casting quadrant. It only appears when called upon, but will make a big difference in your fishing.

    You won’t need to ask whether this is a “permit 10-weight” or “tarpon 10-weight.” It is both, as well as formidable striper and roosterfish rod. Nice job, Sage.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The Sage R8 Salt 1090 is the 10 weight I have been looking for. It pulls like a heavier rod and casts like a lighter one. I have not cast a 10 weight that was as powerful and agreeable simultaneously. You feel the rod load and unload without the feeling of trying to overcome something to make it load. I had no hand fatigue from trying to wrestle this 10 weight into my casting plane. Feedback is plentiful and gives you a perfect sense of when the rod is loaded to its potential. Permit anglers take note, the R8 Salt 1090 throws a permit line divinely and hangs lightly in the casting hand. In fact, this rod casts a Rio Elite Permit line better than any rod I’ve ever thrown. The Elite Tarpon line and Flats Pro performed excellently as well and speak to the welcoming nature of this 10 weight. Like the R8 Core 890, the 1090 has that special something that I’ve been looking for in these line weights from Sage saltwater rods.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. This very well might be the finest rod in the whole R8 Salt family of fly rods. It is as well rounded as any 10wt saltwater rod out there and a remarkably smooth caster. The rod itself is light in hand and will balance well with a wide range of fly reels. This rod makes everything a little easier on the caster. It is very good at telling you when to shoot line and when to make another false cast. The rod feels equally accurate in close as it does at distance and loads very easily with only a little line out. I’ve played around with several lines on this rod including the Rio Elite Tarpon WF10F, Rio Elite Permit WF10F, and Rio Elite Flats Pro WF10F. All three lines felt great on this rod which is a big deal for Sage. Some of their other rods have become very picky as to what fly lines they like. It is nice to know that you can pick your fly line based upon the fishing you are doing rather than having to settle for a certain one that pairs well. It should be noted that this rod casts the Rio Elite Permit line better than almost any other rod out there.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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