Sage Salt R8 1290-4FG


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Product Description

Sage Salt R8 1290-4FG* fly rod

9’0″ 12-weight, 4-piece fly rod with partitioned cloth liner and heavy duty aluminum case

*with extended fighting grip


  1. I’m even more impressed with the “fighting grip” version of the Salt R8 12-weight, if only because adding grip material is expected to make a rod feel heavier and less responsive in the butt section. If anything, the Salt R8 1290-4 FG feels even lighter than its counterpart. Like the 1290-4, the 1290-4 FG is remarkably sweet in the cast, crisp and stable with a wonderful springy quality through the middle of the rod. These are probably the nicest casting 12-weights I’ve ever handled. Extended “fighting grips,” aka “assist grips,” are controversial because they often result in rod breakage right at the top of the extended cork. Smartly, Sage’s fighting grip is only a 4″ extension, highly tapered and clearly designed to encourage light support from the angler’s second hand, rather than a primary leverage point for fighting a fish. Anglers will enjoy the comfort, but probably not be tempted to pull hard on the top grip at an acute angler to the fish. In other words, the design of the assist grip lends itself to proper use of the fly rod. Of equal importance, it takes nothing away from the rod’s castability. I found the SA Amplitude Tarpon line to be a perfect match for the Salt R8 1290-4 FG.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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