F 622-4


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Product Description

6’2″ 2-wt 4-piece rod

The F 622-4 is a pure dry fly rod that casts beautiful loops at short and medium distances.


  1. This is my favorite rod in the series. It casts with elegance and ease, with unmatched connectivity. Fiberglass rods tend to throw lumpy loops, but the F 622-4 is so perfectly tuned to its line weight that it overcomes this predilection with parallel loops rivaling those of any graphite fly rod. Only six inches longer than the F 583-4, the F 622-4 maintains the feeling of surreal lightness while offering substantially more range in all casting and fishing techniques. After casting the F 622-4 for the first time, the word “lovely” came to mind.

    Fly lines: SA Mastery DT2F, SA Trout Taper WF2F

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This rod is a true 2-weight. It is a “pure dry fly loop rod,” according to John Duncan, and I have to agree. It is a velvety casting little dry fly rod. The lightness of the rod feels surreal. While casting and walking around with it I forgot I had anything in my hand. While casting I could feel the stability of the tip drive the leader to turnover and I could also notice the lightness of the butt section. This rod has a soft taper but is built in a way that turns the leader over for you, reminiscent of a faster action rod without the feeling of stiffness. It is responsive, but almost casts shyly. A delicate little rod and the touchiest of the F Series rods, the F 622/4 is a pure joy to cast and I look forward to bending the finished rod on a cutthroat in a certain local stream.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. I’ve been fishing this rod since it first came out and absolutely love it. I’m amazed at how well it fishes in close and at length. It’s unbelievably light in hand and a breeze to cast. This thing throws tight little loops and is extremely accurate. I tend to fish a lot of delicate tippet and long leaders with the 622 and it absolutely crushes it. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that is looking to add a little fiberglass to their lineup, Scott knocked this one out of the park! My favorite line to pair with it is the SA Amplitude Double Taper DT2F.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  4. From 15 to 30 feet, this little 2 weight is sublime. A dry fly rod at heart, its soft touch and spot on accuracy continually surprise me. You can even get away with dropping a tiny glass bead nymph if you must. I can’t imagine a better small water rod.

    Alan Rexford
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