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Product Description

7’2″ 4-wt 4-piece rod

The F 724-4 is ideal for fishing grasshoppers and other wind-resistant dry flies, or dry-dropper rigs that benefit from the casting momentum of a 4-weight line.


  1. Perhaps the most improved model in the series, the F 724-4 is shorter and much lighter than its predecessor. In my opinion, 7’ 2” is a perfect length for a fiberglass 4-weight, long enough to offer reasonable casting range and tremendous roll casting ability, but notably lighter in swing weight than the 7’7” glass models of the past. Like all rods in the F Series, the F 724-4 is truly “slow action.” While the casting cadence is relaxed, the tip of the rod drives through each cast with conviction, generating nice line speed and turning over wind-resistant flies more capably than lighter rods in the series. This model is ideal for throwing hoppers and hopper-dropper rigs.

    Fly Lines: This model will handle a wide range of lines, including those rating high in the 4-weight line class, like the Rio Gold or SA MPX. For casting dry flies, I prefer the gentle tapers of the SA Trout Taper and Rio Perception, but each angler should choose a line based upon fishing technique, rather than “what the rod can handle.”

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is the F Series rod that surprised me the most and is far and away the most improved line weight between the F2 and the F Series. In the hand, this rod feels heavier than the rest, but it is a 4 weight after all. Once you line it up and begin to cast, the weight disappears through the casting stroke. This is also the model that you can stand on. It wants to reach out if you ask it to. Line speed was equal to or surpassed the 583/4, but the 724/4 could be slowed down just a touch more if you wanted to. This is a viable small to medium freestone rod as well. Capable of throwing a bigger fly or even a #10 wooly bugger, what this rod loses in length it makes up for in castability and range. This is certainly the best all-around trout rod of the F Series, meaning capable and eager to fish flies other than a single dry. The F2 774/3 never really caught its stride for us here in Telluride, but there will certainly be some 4 weight Scott glass faithful here now. No bounce, surprising stability, and a very true tracking tip. This is one fine glass 4-weight.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. I absolutely love this rod! The old 774 F2 felt a little heavy and almost clunky to me. The new 724 is a huge improvement. The overall weight and balance of the rod is perfect. I was pleasantly surprised by how much line you could toss with the rod while still maintaining beautiful loops. This is easily the best all-around trout fiberglass 4wt rod out there. If you’re looking at getting into a fiberglass rod but have always been hesitant about application, look no further. The new 724 is a stellar rod for throwing small dries to light nymphs and will leave you smiling all day.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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