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Product Description

7’2″ 3-wt 5-piece rod

The F 723-5 is the ultimate backcountry rod, packing into a 16″ rod case.


  1. I love the length and overall utility of this rod, but it is not quite as light and sweet casting as the F 663-4. The 5-piece configuration is extremely attractive for backpacking. On the whole, this model is a marvel of design and testament to the efficacy of Scott’s internal ferrule. With four ferrules in a 7’2” rod, however, it is inevitable that the rod would be a bit heavier than others in the series. I unconditionally recommend the F 724-5 for a backpacking rod. If not for that specific purpose, I would personally opt for the F 663-4.

    Fly lines: This rod is among the slowest in the series, so choose a line that is true-to-line-weight, like the SA Trout Taper, SA Mastery DT or Rio Perception.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Ease on up to this 3-weight and keep it easy. No need to get into a hurry with this smooth operator. This rod is a deep bending, pure casting piece for the glass enthusiast. It is just a whole bunch of fun, a rod that you don’t really want to put down. If you want to throw a length of line, it will, but you’ll have to hang in there and wait on this rod in the backcast. It was remarkably stable for the suppleness of the blank, and it only tailed when you tried to cast it too quickly or aggressively. It is right on the border between a glass rod that needs an honest caster for it to come to life and a rod that is easy enough to cast that literally anyone can handle. This rod might end up being the sleeper in the lineup, but it should not be overlooked. It is one you just have to pick up and cast and see what you think. I’m torn between this model and the 583/4 as to which one is my favorite. They are so different and so good in their own right; it is not foolish to think of the F 723/5 and the F 583/4 as a complementary set for the fiberglass aficionado. The SA Trout DT3F is the line for this rod. The rod tube is briefcase ready and I believe this would be a fine rod to keep handy in your “go” bag.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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