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Product Description

6’6″ 3-wt 4-piece rod

The F 663-4 is the most versatile rod in the series, capable of fishing dries and dry-dropper rigs with ease and precision.


  1. Over the decades, every Fibertouch 6 ½’ 3-weight has been a winner. Several of our staff rate this rod “best in series.” For me, it is a close second to the F 662-4. The F 663-4 is superior to its predecessor in every regard: lightness, flex profile, feeling, accuracy and fish playing ability. The F2 653-4 was my favorite rod in that series. I unconditionally recommend this new model for all-around small stream and beaver pond fishing. The greatest improvement is in accuracy and smoothness. Scott rarely introduces a new fly rod if the casting qualities are not clearly superior. Bartschi redistributed the mass and stiffness in this model to smooth it out magnificently.

    Fly Lines: SA Trout Taper WF3F. SA Mastery DT3F, Rio Perception WF3F

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is the “9 foot 5-weight” of the fiberglass lineup and completely different from the other two 3-weights. I also have one of these in the F2 653/3. That rod’s name is “Creek Jesus.” I sure do like that rod. I was a little nervous and had high expectations for the 663/4. I’m not ready to put my F2 out to pasture, but I am highly impressed with the new version and pleasantly surprised that they are truly different fly rods. The F Series 663/4 has an extra section and a much smaller diameter blank than its predecessor. It also has an uplocking reel seat. This rod turned out to be very different from the prototype I had a chance to fish. Just like the 583/4, I was very pleased with the finished rod. The 663/4 cast nicely with a Rio Gold WF3F (the line I usually fish on the F2). It was slightly slower than the F2 with that line and the tip was noticeably more stable and harder to deflect. I really felt the 663/4 bend under the Gold and the rod reminded me more of the F2 703/3, which was a noticeably slower rod than the F2 653/3. Then I put an SA Trout DT3F on the F Series 663/4 and the rod became an entirely new creature. It was great with the Gold, but it was better with the SA DT. The rod seemed to liven up a little more and encourage the caster to try anything, and it performed. Beautiful tight loops with higher line speed and more open, slower, casual loops were all at my fingertips. Roll casting was great for the little stick and I always had the feel of total control and felt very connected with this rod while casting. Shorter and quicker, or slower and smoother. Fish a Gold and slow it down, fish a DT Trout Taper and liven it up a shade. A very versatile little creek rod that can wear a different hat if you want it to. Believe it or not, this ranked 3rd for me among the 3 weights.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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