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Product Description

G.Loomis  NRX+ 790-4 Saltwater fly rod

9’0″ 7-wt, 4-pc rod with aluminum case and cloth liner



  1. This rod swings and casts like a tight loop dry fly rod.  The 7, 8 and 9 is this series possess similar qualities.  They feel great in hand and are extremely light for their line classes.  This is a stiff fly rod, however, clearly designed for aggressive casting and heavy headed lines.  I first cast it with an SA Saltwater Taper, which wasn’t heavy enough to load the rod completely.  It threw nice little dry fly loops, but this is a saltwater rod that needs to flex into the mid section to generate the kind of horsepower required for blasting casts into heavy wind.  I came back with a Rio Direct Core Bonefish 7-weight, which was much better.  A Rio Flats Pro line would probably be the best overall match in terms of rod loading and general purpose fishing performance.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is a very smooth casting 7 with just the right amount of power. It possesses a lot of character. You can feel the rod load very well and it is very intuitive. It has a lot of feel in close and really drives with 30+ feet of line out. I cast this with a generic SA Saltwater taper and it made the rod feel like a trout stick. With a more refined saltwater line like the Rio DirectCore Flats Pro, the power of this rod really starts to show up. With the more aggressive taper, this rod can really send line. I would highly recommend the 790 NRX+ for anyone looking for a lightweight, powerful 7 for bonefish.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  3. There are a lot of excellent 9 foot 7 weights out there right now and G.Loomis has added another excellent rod to consider. The NRX+ 790 is a big improvement over its predecessor and the rod makes for an excellent do-everything 7-weight. This rod is as capable throwing trout streamers as a Crazy Charlie. Loomis has produced a 7-weight that is smooth casting, very stable and highly versatile. The rod is playful and light casting with a bonefish line and confident and powerful with a heavier weight forward head for throwing wind resistant and heavy flies. The NRX+ 790 is an excellent compliment to the rest of the NRX+ lineup and picks up right where the NRX+ 690 leaves off in terms of ability to carry more line with a bigger fly in tougher conditions.

  4. I put this great 7-weight as a saltwater rod first and a freshwater rod second. There is some serious play for this rod as a smallmouth or largemouth rod with a big fly, but it feels like more work than I want in a streamer rod. This is simply for the fact that trout streamer fishing requires more actual casting than virtually any other type of fly fishing. You cast and cast and cast and cast some more, whether the fishing is on or off, you have to cast a lot. The rod commands the Big Nasty line but maintains a stiffness through the lower blank that I long for on the flats and shy away from out of a drift boat. The NRX+ 790 is a very good choice for ripping full sinking lines out of the water and the stiffer lower adds leverage and gives you an advantage with this heavy duty work. A bonefish taper is my preference for this rod, but I live in Colorado. If I lived on the Gulf Coast or in the Southeast, I would be mighty pleased to have this model for my light flats rod that got to travel for trout and double as a streamer rod when I took a trip out West.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  5. Growing up in the South, I have done my fair share of bass fishing with a fly. This is a rod that I would be happy with when throwing large streamers and the biggest of poppers to largemouth bass. I would pair this rod with a Rio Big Nasty (your choice of sink rate) for getting down deep to those winter bass. If you are seeking them on their beds in the springtime or in search of them with a popper, I would pair this rod with a SA Amplitude Infinity taper. You will be mighty pleased.

    Jim Harris (Telluride Angler)
  6. This is a great all around 7wt rod that will perform very well on the bonefish flats, but can also play down as a trout stick in the Western US. The rod is built for the salt and therefore has burly components and a slightly larger grip, so it can be a lot for some people in freshwater, but it’s still nice and light in hand. As is consistent with nearly all rods in the NRX+ series, the 790 is very powerful and very stable. I’ve cast a bunch of different saltwater and freshwater fly lines on the NRX+. If you’re taking it to the salt, consider the Rio DirectCore Flats Pro. If this rod is going to be put into your freshwater quiver as a streamer stick, consider the SA Titan taper family of lines and don’t be alarmed by the heavier grain weight. This rod eats up a heavy line.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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